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About This Website-- Help, Logging In, How To's, Details, etc.

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SEARCH:  Search on this site is very powerful and organized.  Find the Search box near the upper right of each page.  click on it, enter your search term and hit enter.  Notice how it categorizes your "finds" by type, ie. VIDEOS, PAGES, TOP PAGES, etc.  Easy to use & it will find what you're looking for.

Next most important thing:

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     2) Find the little box with the plus sign in it "[+]"

     3) Click on that box to get an expanded list of topics (sub-pages) about this site ""

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About this Site:

What it is:  This site was created to give anyone and everyone interested in triking (Trikes, Weight Shift Control Aircraft, Lightsport & Ultralights, Powered Hang Gliders) a place to share ideas, photos, movies, information and to make friends around the world.
The intent is to have a level and friendly playing field for everyone.

How to Use this Site:

Please help write this portion!!!  As you start to use this site and learn new tricks, please share that here with others so that they can then use the site more expertly and create richer content for us all!

Friends: Live Chat: Tags / Tagging: Tag Cloud: Polls: function,

Page Icons:  "Hover" your mouse (move pointer over without clicking) and wait for a pop-up to explain the icon's function. With most icons, you can also try them by clicking on them without worry about causing a major problem.

Member Profile Page: This is your own page, it's about you and you can customize it to suit your liking. You can add / delete information about yourself for others to see.

You can set up your “Profile Page” to show you the information, photos, tags, groups, friends, etc that you most like to see when you come to Alltrikes.  When you set it up, it’s like a custom newspaper that delivers you the stories that you’re most interested in.

Widgets: You can add tools (widgets) to your profile page (click on the black "Add Widgets" button on the upper right of your page). You can customize your widgets- for example, enter a city into your Weather widget and hit save, and you will see weather info for your chosen city. In the grey bar at the top of every widget is a cog wheel icon- use it to customize widgets to your liking. Also find the "X" icon ("x" inside black circle) for deleting any widget from your profile page (don't worry, you can always use "Add Widgets" to get it back again). The grey bar itself can be used to drag your widgets around to permanently place them wherever you like on your page.

"Group Membership" Widget: See and manage groups you belong to there. If you want to join a private group, click on the "More Groups" link at the bottom of this widget. That will lead you to a page with links to "Create a New Group," "All Groups," "My Groups" (groups you've started / "own"), and "Group Invitations"

Pictures/ Photos / Photgraphs:
To upload Photos: Click on "Photos" in the menu bar at the top of this page. Once on the "Photo" page, look at the right hand sidebar and choose "create new album," or choose from one of "your albums" that you have already created. Once you have chosen or created an album you want to add photos into, click on it. You will then be prompted to add photos by either choosing from photos you already have or uploading new ones. (You can choose multiple photos if you have them in a folder on your desktop for example). If there is a problem, or you do not have the Flash plug-in enabled on your browser, choose "Basic Uploader." Enter a Title for your photo(s), add "Description" if you want. PLEASE add the appropriate tags (see tags below), Categories and Access, then click "Save." Uploading Videos / Movies: Videos are not stored on First choose a video from,, etc or upload one of your own movies to, etc. Then, click on "Videos" in the menu bar at the top of this page. Once on the "Video" page, click on add video. Enter a Title for your video. Enter the URL for your video (on you tube you can get the correct URL by clicking on "share" below the video on the page). Copy/paste that URL into the space on the Video page here at Add "Description" if you want. PLEASE add the appropriate tags (see tags below), Categories and Access, then click "Save."

Want more info on uploading Photos?  Look to the Right, under the word Navigation, and see where you are, and what other topics are related.  There are several there on uploading photos, videos & embedding content.  Expand any topic list by clickiing on the [+] symbol. 

Controlling ACCESS to your Pictures / Movies / Files:
Whenever you upload a picture, movie or file, set the drop down menu at the bottom near “save” to set your access preference for that file (Public, Logged in Users, Friends, Private, close Friends, etc.).
Do you want everyone to see it, without logging in / searchable by Google-- set to Public
Only want logged in “Trikers” to be able to see and discuss?:  Set to “Logged in Users”
    You may want to do this for things that might be controversial for the public or confusing to them.
Use the “Friends” setting to restrict viewing/access to your friends only.  etc

When you upload a file, select from the list : Logged In users, Friends, Private, Public If you choose (in order of increasing restriction):
   Public: Anyone can see the post / file
   Logged in Users: Only logged in site members can see the post / file / photo / movie / etc
   Friends: This post/file can only be viewed by logged in members of this site who you have also designated as "Friends"
  Private: This post/file can only be viewed by yourself
When setting access privileges consider what would be appropriate for the general public to see about you or triking in general. Some professional athletes do things that give their sports a black eye and distract from what the sport really is about yet grab all the media attention such that you'd think that the only thing professional baseball is about is performance enhancing drugs. On this site, each of us has the ability to set access privileges in a way that presents the vastly positive messages of the sport as the predominant feature of this site. Please help keep this sport that way.

Friends & Collections of Freinds (related to Access): To add a member as a friend, goo to their profile page (click on their avatar), once on their profile page, click on the link below their picture for “Add Friend.” This action will show up on the main activity page. Alternatively, click “Remove Friend” to end friend status- this does not show up on the main “activity” page. When you “Friend” someone here, they can then have access to sets of pictures that you have elected that only your friends can see (see setting access privileges for media below). Also, making someone your friend sets it up so that you can email each other through this site and you can also receive notifications here when friends post something. 

It is possible that you may friend "Joe" but Joe does not friend you back. In that case, Joe can see pictures you've set view preferences to "Friends only" but you will NOT be able to see photos that Joe has set to his friends only (of which you are apparently not Joe's friend). Think carefully who you want to friend.
Friend Requests: A list of the friend requests you have made to someone else (but that are not yet accepted) as well as the friend requests that others have made to be your friend can be found by clicking on your mail box icon (top left of page). Once on the mail page, you will see “Friend Requests” in the right hand menu bar at the top. click on that link and you can manage your requests: accept requests and revoke those that you have sent but at are not yet accepted.  If you would like to delete a friend, click on their icon and then choose “Remove Friend.”

Friend Collections:  see HERE

Tags / “Tagging”: There are two types of tags. 1) For photos (in albums only) there is a tag feature. Click on "Tag this Photo". A dialogue will appear that says select an area. Click on a corner of the area you wish to tag, then shift click on the opposite corner, the highlighted area will appear in the photo. When you shift click a second dialogue will appear that asks for the Tag name, fill in the box and click Tag. 2) For tagging, e.g. in Blogs, Pages, Files etc, there is a box below that allows you to tag the post for keywords. These help organize the site and can be used in searches.

Tag Cloud:  Tags also appear in the "Tag cloud" widget for quick access to tagged articles on a given topic. Posts can have more than one tag, entered as a comma separated list. (e.g. Nevada, Dry Lake, Runway) Tag Cloud: A list of words used as tags on posts to this website. The more often a particular "Tag" word appears, the larger (font) it appears in the tag cloud. Thus popular Tags such as perhaps the word "Trike" appear bigger, making it easier for you to see what's popular / trending. By clicking on a tag in the tag cloud, you can find the "Tag Cloud" on many of the pages here.

Live Chat: Blue floating box in the lower right corner.  If you don't see a floating blue box in the lower left, it may say Users or Offline-- click there to expand.  When other members are online, you can contact them via live chat and converse as fast as you can type back and forth. These conversations are not permanent- during an extended chat, some text will scroll off the top and be lost and at the end of a chat, when the member logs out and you hit the close chat button (x), the conversation is lost.  
To Chat:
  1. When someone else is online at the same time you are, their name(s) will appear in the floating blue box at the lower right corner of your browser.
  2 If you'd like to live chat with that person, click on their name in that box. A new box will appear.
 3. At the bottom of that new box, is a small text entry box.
  4. Type your text in the smaller box, hit “ENTER”
  5. your text will immediately pop-up on the other person's screen accompanied by a “boop” alert sound on their screen.
  And there you have it, you can chat back and forth as fast as you can type and hit “Enter.”

Polls: To create a new poll, click on “More” in the top menu bar and select “Polls.” “Your Polls” then opens and a button for “create a new poll” will appear in the right hand menu bar. You can also add various Poll Widgets (tools) to your Profile page (see widgets) Eventually, the top five / latest Polls should be visible on the front page (not just via “more”) to attract the best response rate! How can we (as admin) add widgets to the Activity page?


                                                                 All Trikes Logo  Your POWERFUL site for friendly, Trikes, Trike Flying, Trike Pilot, Weight Shift Control Aircraft, WSC, Lightsport, Ultralights, Powered Hang Gliders, Microlights, and a whole lot more.



  • RizzyWizzy

    Can you set the Activity page to default "All" instead of "Friends"...I took me a little while to figure out why I couldn't see my posts. And I am thinking most pilots would like to see on going discussions instead of their discussions just with their friend...just a suggestion...RizzyWizzy

  • Admin

    Thanks Riz, you're totally right.  Will work on that.

    In the mean time, here's some helpful hints:

  • Admin

    Everyone, try this!  Go to the very upper left corner and click on you Avatar (thumbnail) icon.  It will take you to "YOUR" Page.  There, you can create a page to show you everything you want to see on your page, just the way you want to see it!!!!  Very cool!


    Your Page-  A great way to Customize your experience at AllTrikes

  • Admin

    OK, Riz, fixed it now so it defaults to "All" for activity!  ;)

  • Admin

    If you want to receive notifications from, be sure and set your spam filter (if you use one) to accept emails from

  • Admin

    For more about this site / how to use it, look near the upper right of this page under "Navigation" and click on any of the "Sub-pages"

  • Christopher

    What is the maximum size of a Video File that I may upload.


    Christopher "Big Red"

  • Admin

    @BigRed, Welcome!!!

    You can upload any size video accepted by youtube.

    If you choose the "Embed" option you will simply paste in the youtube link where asked.

    If you choose the "Upload" option, it will be uploaded / saved on the AllTrikes youtube page and mirrored here.

    So, basically the same either way.  But if it is already uploaded on Youtube somewhere, it's quicker to just embed.

    See HERE for more info

  • Monty

    hey boss, this is dummy montystone, been trying to teach myself to upload a video and am not having any luck. the vid is  c:\users\monty\pictures\my 503 tries to make me walk home!.mp4 (i used to overhaul automatic transmissions for a living, now THAT was easy compared to this computer stuff!) monty

  • Monty

    the video might be of interest to any one who hasn't YET heard the sound of a 'misbehaving' engine, driving a big fan behind them, monty

  • Yoshiyah Hawkins

    I cant find how to post a private message. Anyone know

  • Admin

    Click on the user you want to message to get to their profile, then look for the send a message link

  • Kevin S

    I wanted to post a video that I uploaded to you tube. I was able to watch it by clicking on the link 

    But when I put this link into the url box it states error processing the video ? can you help

  • Monty

    hey boss, i tried 3 times to write a page, over 900 typed in words, i dunno where they went but they dun went! in desparation i published on 'the dark side' it grasped it immediately! why....(snivel, snivel.... ) you know i luv you most! what am i doing wrong, sniff..sniff? monty

  • Admin

    Hi Monty - we truly miss you here. Glad you are back! I can see your post on the dark side, I'll try to see what the problem is for you here.

  • Monty

    yes boss it's me again. i tried to upload "we doan need no steenking runwase", but "it" kept asking for a "URL". i dunno where to get one! in shear desperation i shortened the vid and offered it to "the dark side". "it" grasped it immediately, (greedy bastards!). sniff, niff, sob.sob, why.........oh why!........i still love you mostest!????????

  • Admin

    Ah @montystone - here in the light we have two settings possible. If you choose Embed video - then yes you need a url (this is for a video that you have already uploaded to youtube, vimeo, etc). If however you want to upload a video, then that is also possible, just choose "Upload Video" and there you go! It can happen for you! I have captured your movie from the dark side and uploaded it for you. Move into the light :)

  • Monty

    hi boss, i just finished typing in a 450 word blog, i hit save and it went, somewhere, i dunno where, sobb, sobb, what did i do wrong again, sobb, sobb, sniffle.....monty. 9-10 ...27th jan 2016 monty.

  • Monty

    the d/side grabbed it greedy bastards!

  • white eagle

    Monty iam not sure if this is what happen to you , but this might help. I found that when typing a long message the network disconnects. So when typing a many worded message as everyone knows i can do i take the time to copy my message before i hit post. That way if iam disconnected i can refresh and not have to rethink what ive done for an hour. I have a saying the pen is mightier than the sword only if you can find your dam pen?

  • Monty

    thanks WE, sounds like what happened, quite a few times i've laboriously produced a 'one fingered' verbination only to have it vanish. yet i have no trouble putting on the d/side. (sob-sob-sniffle). i'll try harder next time, but i've always had problems blogging here, (whine-whine), yet not with the 'other' one'

  • Admin

    Hi Monty, sorry to hear that. Were you posting it as a Page? I'll try and see what happened. In any case is it the same as your recent post on the Dark Side? If you send me a copy I'll be sure it gets posted, or I could assist in duplicating your Dark Side post if you like.

    Big Hugs - Admin

  • white eagle

    Monty its happened to me on the dark side as well , type in two pages with one finger. Like what you posted bam its oh no ,no ,no ,gone cant be ,crying out loud,tantrum.really frustrating now iam like its been a minute iam going to copy it.

  • Monty

    yes boss, it was very similar, but of course didn't contain such nasty words that i saved for d/s. if you could swipe it from THEM to us that would be ducky! hugs 'n farts, monty.

  • Monty

    ps. boss, you can swipe ANY and ALL my blogs from ANYWHERE any time you think we the 'enlightened ' ones might wanna read em, hugs, farts and cuddles, monty