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Everyone, try this!  Go to the very upper left corner and click on you Avatar (thumbnail) icon.  It will take you to "YOUR" Page.  There, you can create a page to show you everything you want to see on your page, just the way you want to see it!!!!  Very cool!

Click on the picture below to see some of what you can do.  Basically, you can create your own page at AllTrikes with YOUR weather, Yoiur Frineds, Your Groups, Polls, etc, everything you want to see / follow on AllTrikes on ONE page, arranged just the way you like it.  Like a custom Sunday Paper here for you EVERYDAY!

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    Customize your Experience here at All Trikes!

    Add, subtract, rearrange and customize your widgets-- for example your Weather widget


    You have to check out this very cool feature!      Read more here.

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    Widgets-Weather- your own page

    We are excited to announce some VERY cool new features for AllTrikes.

    Custom METAR weather (compatible with SkyVector routes) , Airport Diagrams and once again, mention that you can customize YOUR profile page to be like the Sunday paper of Triking!!!  Just the way you want it and now with trike oriented weather to start your flying day!!!

    First, go to YOUR profile page--  click on your Avatar (small thumbnail picture of you)

    Refer to picture above for steps to make your Sunday paper, weather, etc

    1) Click on "Add Widgets"

    2) Click on "Current Weather" (or AllTrikes Weather) to add your AllTrikes custom METAR weather

    3) in the Box that pops up below, enter in the airport(s) identifiers you are interested in seeing weather at.  Note, if your airport does not report weather, select a nearby airport that does.  You can enter multiple airports (such as KLAX KSFO KSEA)  (for example if you're planning a trip up the US West coast (Los Angeles, San Fran, Seattle).  You can take those same identifiers and copy paste right into SkyVector (without commas) (AllTrikes will accept with or without commas) and see your route there!!  Or, if you want the report of several airports around you (a circle of weather knowledge), then choose airports to match.  Set the Access--  if you don't want everyone to know you are interested in these airports (probably near where you live), set access to private, or friends, or logged in members, or whatever makes you feel good.

    Note:  Currently, this weather database is based on NOAA weather-  if you know of a database we can access that gives weather for world sites, such as YYWG (Yarrawonga), PLEASE let us know.  Help us find the right database to bring this to the world!


    4) Click Save---  Enjoy your custom METAR weather-- always here when you log in!!!

    Change it any time by clicking the "*" in the upper right of the widget (all widgets here work that way)

    5) I like to click on 5 to get an additional weather look-- in this case a 1-5 day view of weather at a particular city.

    6)  In the weather widget that pops up, Click on the "*" and instead of entering an Identifier (like KLAX), enter  a city (eg, "New York, USA").  Choose your number of days, set access, hit enter!  Voila-- multi-day forecast.

    7) I like to see my weather widgets side by side, and I like my Message Box to be top Right.  So, grab any widget by the gray bar, and drag and drop where you want it on the page.

    8-9 ....  Select more widgets--  Like #8  "Airport Diagram"-- Now what site gives you that-  AllTrikes!!!

    Click as many widgets as you want to show what you want on AllTrikes, how you want it.  Delete any widgets by clicking the "X" at the top right.  Don't worry, you can add them back again.  You can have more than one of the same too.

    When you're done, click on "Add Widgets" again to close the Widget tool box!!!




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