Anonymous Posting- There is no such thing as a Stupid question (likewise for legitimate concerns left unspoken)

Anonymous Posting:

As the title states, "There is no such thing as a Stupid question."  In that spirit, is proud to set up a moderated ability to anonymously post questions that you might otherwise be afraid to ask.

Likewise, have you ever been concerned for someone, but were too afraid to speak up before it was to late?  This system is an attempt to make those regrets less common by allowing you an avenue to express your concern for another.


Click HERE for a running membership Poll on the anonymous posting feature at feels that questions left unasked and concerns unspoken are a huge safety problem for our sport.  Of all the goals of, two of the biggest are Safety & a Friendly discussion atmosphere.  Creating a conduit for anonymous posting of questions and concerns can be a big tool this site can offer to address safety.  However, anonymous posting will need strict moderation to avoid simply creating a conduit for anoymous attacks.  Therefore, a different type of moderation will be used here only for anonymous posts.  Click HERE for site-wide moderation explanation (Short Answer: Our users Self-Moderate (via Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down)).


Moderation of Anonymous Posting Only:

  • Anonymous posts are made via "Admin."
  • To make an anonymous post, contact "Admin" in any of several ways (click HERE for several).
  • Submit your question or concern that you want stripped of your identity and re-posted publicly to  Copy/paste the format below to submit your anonymous post request.
  • AllTrikes will evaluate the post for suitability to post anonymously.
  • If it is acceptable, Admin at AllTrikes will (to the best of it's ability) try and strip your identity from the post and re-post anonymously & publicly back to the appropriate area of
  • By agreeing to use the anonymous post feature, you acknowledge that no system is perfect & your identity may be discovered-- likely via content of your post. (if so, notify us immediately, and we will delete/modify it for you)

If your anonymous post is recognized as simply an attempt to sucker punch / attack another member, person or entity, then you will receive an email message back stating this.  See Rules below.


Annonymous Post request Format (please copy/paste this when submitting your request):

   All underlined portions of the Format MUST BE submitted with your request.

  • Date:  Mo/Dy/Yr
  • Title:  Annonymous Question     or    Annonymous Concern
  • [Body of Question / Concern]
  • I would like this posted at:  page / link at
  • By using the anonymous post feature, I acknowledge that no system is perfect & my identity may be discovered (most likely via content of my post, potentially in other technological ways also, and etc)  Other problems may occur causing myself or others potential harm and I agree to absolve and everyone else responsibility for my use of this anonymous post system.   I agree to notify immediately of any problems I am aware of and at the same time my opinion of how can help me fix the problem (usually this would be limited to deleting or modifying the post). may not be able to immediately delete a post.  Although will use their best judgement on the suitability and benefit to ALL (not just the poster) of the anonymous post in question, it is easily possible that may not properly anticipate that any question/concern if re-posted may cause harm to others (i.e., accidentally insult another, or wrongly promote a certain viewpoint.) may at anytime at it's own discretion delete any posts or responses on this website.  I agree to hold all others harmless for my use of this anonymous post system.  All opinions expressed on this website are opinions only.  Always use your best judgement and/or seek advice/instruction from a qualified instructor.



  • Anonymous posts are to be valid questions / concerns phrased in a friendly manner.

                        OK:  Why is smoking while filling your gas tank a bad idea?

                NOT OK:   Why is Joe such a jerk?

                       OK:  I'm concerned about [your] idea of flying a trike from California to Hawaii.  Here is why:

                NOT OK: Flying from California to Hawaii is a stupid idea.

                Not OK:  I'm going to ... [illegal / harmful activity]


Do NOT waste yours or our time by writing a question that is not absolutely the most gentle, friendly, appropriate, etc way of phrasing it that you can.


We hope you appreciate our efforts in trying to bring what we feel is an important safety feature (Moderated Anonymous Posts) to this site.


Admin at



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