What Features would YOU like to see on this site?

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We've been making some improvements in the background, but we're wondering what changes would YOU like to see on the site?

Feel free to comment freely below--  it's your site, what would you like on it?

       (BTW, have most of you gone to your own profile page and checked out how you can customize it?)

Or feel free to say what you like about the site, or what you don't for that matter!!  ;)


  • Jagsy

    t in IT, I'm unsure for what my recommendation would be, but I'm wondering how searching, or bring oneself up to date when you haven't been to the site for a while.  I tend to look for the last post I read and work back from there.  This usually means going back a number of pages and working from the bottom to the top of each page.  Is there an easier way of doing this I wonder!

    Also, I personally find dark background colours being more pleasing and less stressful on the eye, perhaps you could consider changing the background colour!

    Perhaps a "tip of the Day' (that helps users become more familiar with the various user functions on the site) would be useful.  I often forget how to post :(

    Other than that I think you guys have done a great job in developing this site and I guess the growing number of users are a good indication of that :) keep up the great work.