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"Pages" are used to start a conversation topic (such as "How to Fly a Trike," or "Stories about my Trike Flying")

This is as opposed to "Groups" which are used to group Trike Pilots together (such as "All trikers in Texas", or "Trikers who like to fly Low & Slow").


To start a discussion, go to "Pages" on the menu bar, just under the "AllTrikes" logo near the upper left.  Look for a Page that includes the topic you like, or that might be the appropriate place to start a sub-page.

If you see a page that is discussing the topic you are interested in, click on that "page" and then add any thoughts in the "comments" section at the bottom.  If you want to discuss a particular sub-section of that topic, then you may want to start a sub page.

For example, you might be interested in Cross-Country flying.  So, you click on "Pages" and see that there is already a page discussing XC Flying.  Great, click on that "page" and jump in on the "comments" section at the bottom.  However, you may be interested in flying Cross-Country across frozen lakes-- then you will probably want to start a subtopic or Sub-Page.  To do so, go to near the top of the Page you want to create a sub-page on and click "Create a Sub-Page)

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    Good Example of Page / Sub page Organization:

                   Trike Companies, Instructors-- Try this for putting your content here on


    Pages & Sub Pages--  Content Tree


    If you are a Trike Company you mihgt use this structure:

            Page "Hot Trike Manufacturer"    (talk about your company in general)
                    Sub Page:  Trikes
                            Sub Page:  Big Fast Trike
                                     Sub Page:Carbon Fiber Options for Big Fast Trike
                                     Sub Page: Engine Options for Big Fast Trike
                            Sub Page:   Naked Trike Option
                            Sub Page:   Electric Trike Option
                            Sub Page:  Options  For all trikes

                    Sub Page:  Wings
                            Sub Page:  Standard Wing
                            Sub Page:  Soaring Wing

                    Sub Page: Accessories
                            Sub Page:  Radios
                            Sub Page:  Apparel (T-Shirts)
                            Sub Page:  Feature Length Videos


    Changing your Page / Sub-SubPage Layout:

    Once you have content on a Page or Sub-Page, the hard work is done.  If you want to change the navigation, the simplest way is to open your current page/sub-page in one TAB of your browser  (see Tabbed Browsing).  Then open a second tab and navigate to the page that you want the new sub-page to fall under.  Click add subpage.  Then bounce back and forth from the current page copying the three text boxes (Title, body & Tags) and paste them into the corresponding boxes on your new sub-page.  You will need to re-check the category-boxes, but all the typing work you already did previously is moved with 3 cut/paste maneuvers.  Hit Save, then go back to the original page and click the "X" to delete it.

    If the your subpages are placed correctly under the main page bt are in the wrong order underneath- edit the title of each sub-page to include a number or letter which this site will use to alphabatize.  You could lable them 1) Standard Wing,  2) Advanced Wing  (otherwise, Advanced will sort to the top above Standard).