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List started 6/26/13 (prior Tips not captured here)

Site Tip- Too Many eMails? YOU have the controls- click "Settings" far upper right, then "Notifications" & adjust who/when/why & where you receive notifications from AllTrikes


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    We need more FEATURED PHOTOS!!!  Want your photo posted front and center on AllTrikes?  Go to your photo and add (edit) the Tag "Feature Me" to your photo.  Every few days, we do a search for "Feature Me" tags and post that photo as the featured photo!!!

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    Not seeing what interests you here?  THEN POST SOMETHING FOR GOSH SAKES!!! That's how this works, it's a magazine that we all write for each other.  Lurking is ok, but it's not sharing!  BTW if you're not logged in you're not seeing everything here.

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    New Site Tip:  IF you are NOT LOGGED IN,  You are MISSING THINGS here!!! (They're invisible to not logged-in lurkers)


    Previous Tip:   Site Moderation (why we've had NO problems) and What to Do if you Click the wrong "Thumbs Up/Down button"  Please READ HERE

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    Site Tip- email from Admin? You configure your SETTINGS to receive email alerts (or not) from AllTrikes- eg "A New Video" by your friend Rizzy posted.  Responding to that email ("Loved your vid Riz") does NOT go to Rizzy, it goes back to the site computer that generated the notice.

    Details / Photo HERE