Icons in the Upper Right Corner: the Thumb tack (Bookmark), RSS Feed, Search this Site, etc

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About The Icons near the upper right corner of the screen:

First of all, hover your mouse pointer for a couple seconds over almost any thing on this website and a popup will tell you what the item is.  This includes a member's Avatar-- hover and it will tell you their registered name.

     The thing that looks like a blue Thumb Tack is actually a Bookmark tool.  Use it to bookmark your favorite favorite content on this site.  To access your bookmarks, look to the right side of many pages for the tab labeled "Bookmarks"  If you don't find bookmarks there, it is always found under "More" in the menu bar near the top middle of the page.

     The Search Box icon is rather self explanatory.  Click on the word Search, then Enter text or names in that box and hit enter to search the content of website.

    RSS Feed is used to manage content for news feeds.

    The thing that looks like a sprocket (circle with bumps on it)--  is a gear that lets you get into the engine of it's corresponding page/item and tinker with its "SETTINGS"



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