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  • Glenn WilsonAirborne Buzzard, Mainair Flash, Pegasus Quasar Quantum and XL, Airborne Edge, & XT, QuikR, Tanarg. And a few 3 axis as well.

    Around 3000

    Plenty of airports and quite a few paddocks - mostly in Australia and a few in the US and Canada

  • GregAirCreation and Northwing


    Lake Havasu City

  • HyphoktmTanarg 912, XT 582


    Lake Macquarie, NSW

  • Lehrer

  • Harry

  • FlyboyNorthwing


    20 plus here in Wa.

  • Curt KieferNortwing Solairus

    4 hrs

    Non. Used dry lakes

  • cle74bautek Skycruiser


    Several in the Netherlands and Germany

  • JeffBennett, Leaf, Airborne

    not enough

    based at klws. Fly almost exclusively dirt strips in the Pacific Northwest, mainly Idaho

    • Somewhere in New Mexico or West Texas
    • Optimistic Pessimist

    DavidSaber 503, Airborne Outback, Apollo Delta Jet II Lite


    Double Eagle II, Albuquerque, NM