Vendor Guidelines-- Manufacturers, Instructors, Importers, etc

AllTrikes was dreamed up by a bunch of trikers who wanted to see a site where everything could be discussed peacefully and all information could be found.  For this reason, we created private areas to maturely discuss accidents, and have instituted a democratic moderation policy (where everybody moderates).

In this dream, we hoped to have a site that ALL manufacturers felt comfortable posting information on for everyone to find on one site-- with links back to their own pages too.

We are VERY PROUD to have manufacturers coming on board and we plan on giving them all the support we can.

We do ask that certain minimum guidelines be followed however:

  • Please post only positive comments about your product (or other vendors products)
  • Please do not post publicly negative statements about other vendors- whether true or not

                You can certainly discuss that on your site and in private

               However, by following these guidelines, you will never see on this site a big post and running

                    commentary by a competitor about how much your product sucks!!


  • In a similar light, please refrain from making positive statements about your product which infer all other products are inferior--  such as "We make the best trike period, and everyone knows it!"

                  You might instead say, "We pride ourselves in making products of the utmost quality!"

  • Post regularly, but not excessively--  you will know how much is too much (we may also  forward feedback from members asking to slow down a little and give others a chance).  That being said, if others are not posting at all, that does not mean that you are over posting.  This is very subjective, like the definition of pornography as they say "You'll know it when you see it."


  • Non-Vendors (ie All Members) wouldn't do bad to try and follow these guidelines also-- based on the Golden Rule, and if you don't have anything nice to say ....   (Of course if something anyone here says is judged purposefully mean spirited or purposefully argumentative by the members ...  MORE INFO)


Thank you!

We are very proud to open up a forum for this to happen and have ALL of you here on



(This policy is open to change and moderation by the will of the members as expressed in polls they may create & feedback (public & private) received.  Please start commenting below so that we can fine tune this policy to what everyone is most comfortable with.)



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