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  • Winter Bar Mitts

    By WSCL
    Category: market:category:Accessories
    Type: Selling
    Price: $79
    Custom Bar mitts with clear vinyl pouch on top and a pocket inside on the back of the hand area for heat pads during winter temps.  Can be found on ebay under BAR MITTS or contact me here.  These are hand made by the wife. Thank you.
  • SLSA AIRBORNE XT 912 LOW HOURS $29,500 or best offer

    By RizzyWizzy
    Category: market:category:Trikes
    Type: Selling
    Price: 29500
    N numbered SLSA trike 315 hours on Rotax 912 80hp engine with carb heat. Engine TBO of 2000 hours. Trike has Microair Avionics transponder & altitude encoder. Trike has always been meticulously maintained by certified mechanic. Detailed Engine...
  • Hang glider and equipment for sale!

    By Larry Kaiser
    Category: market:category:Trikes
    Type: Selling
    Price: $900 for wing only, $1450 for everything
    Wills Wing Sport 2, 155 hang glider, Robertson pod harness, PDA reserve chute, and Mountain High Oxygen system for sale. To see them in action search for "Larry Kaiser" on You Tube, then watch the Sabbath Flying" video. All equipment is in good...
  • Sabre G10 Trike

    By Doug Smith Comments (3)
    Category: market:category:Trikes
    Type: Selling
    Price: Best Offer
    Trike Parts Available. Struted Manta12.5 Wing with spare sail, Coolprop 68” 3 Blade prop. Gearbox / Reduction Drive (SPG2) for Geo/Suzuki block. 10 Gal Fuel tank Instament pod with b/w StratomasterUltra Fits newer units) call Doug...
  • Transmitter+intercom+headsets

    By Jozinko
    Category: market:category:Equipment
    Type: Selling
    Price: 400 euros
    For sale: - ICOM IC A5 (channel spacing 25kHz) with ICOM powered cable from board network what includes a voltage stabiliser and interference suppressor - Intercom Pilot PA-200 with VOX, powered by 9V battery (without an interference from...