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Arguing with a pilot is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you begin to think the pig likes it.

Brief description: I am Rizwan, 36 years old, I have two college degrees, one BA in ECONOMICS and BBA in ACCOUNTING/FINANACE. I am married and have a 5 year old boy. One of the biggest joy in my life is flying, I own the plane seen with my profile picture.

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  • RizzyWizzy

    Hi all,
    I wanted to be a CFI and bought CFI Instructor Training Books. I have changed my mind because, I don't feel that my skill level is where I can teach others and also my wife doesn't want me to pursue it. So for me it is back to Experimental flying. I guess my new direction is to fly and share the gift of flight with my friends and shoot a lot of videos like Damien or Jeff.
    Please email me at rizzywizzy@yahoo.com if you are interested in CFI training books.

  • RizzyWizzy

    I just bought Flycom and so I am selling two Comtronics Helmets with headsets, the Intercom box with dual (pilot and passenger) port, with patch cable and PTT switch. All items are in excellent condition. If interested, email me at rizzywizzy@yahoo.com

  • white eagle

    It has been awhile riz hey wanted to thank you for the laugh at my miserable night job . Iam your pilot still laughing trike or no trike it will be good to have you there.

  • white eagle

    hey riz what yu been up too hows your flying going iam temperarly grounded found a freyed cable. so waiting on replacement. happened in transport caught it in preflight. you still planning on making bonners ferry I hope.

  • RizzyWizzy

    That is funny Henry, I did an still do think once in a while to learn PPG flying, but I guess if you have a 19 meter wing, you can come pretty close to that slow flying experience. I want to try it though. Now, if you do feel that they crossed the line by using your clip than by all means you should talk to them. I thought you might be happy knowing that you are in a video. I have not finished the video, so I don't know if your name is in the credits (maybe it is there). Quite frankly I think the use of copyright material is a grey area. Many of us trike pilot shoot videos and use copyrighted music to promote our videos...Is that ok for us to do that? So I don't know Henry what is right and wrong here. But if you want than you should talk to them.

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  • Foot Launched Powered Hang Glider

    By RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Trike Talk

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    How super cool is this, any members here who do fly these?
  • Trike Crash in Power Lines

    By RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Video

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    This video is for educational purposes only. I know the pilot and called him to get his permission before posting the video. He was OK with the request. The pilot is ok and has been flying for years after this accident. He knows he made a few...
  • Trespassing on a Public Airport

    By RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Video

    Ignorance or power trip? The poor paramotor pilot gets hassled by a Sheriff. The pilot handled it very well. Nice video, this could happen to any of us, especially the 103 pilots. Skip to 3:55 for the Sheriff interaction
  • Lessons every pilot must learn

    By RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

    I found this gem of a video that all of us could learn from when it comes to developing good habits as pilots. I hope you find it useful https://youtu.be/siwils2V1Xo
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  • RizzyWizzy commented on Pacific Northwest Flyin
    This sounds awesome. I used to live and work in La Grande, OR. David O and Kim Hurt flew from Petuma California to Elk River and met me  on the way in La Grande  (https://youtu.be/SjTWDac6hts ). I flew with both of them while they were in...
  • RizzyWizzy is attending Pacific Northwest Flyin
    • RizzyWizzy

      This sounds awesome. I used to live and work in La Grande, OR. David O and Kim Hurt flew from Petuma California to Elk River and met me  on the way in La Grande  (

      ). I flew with both of them while they were in La Grande. Fun times. I am going to try to make this trip to meet with all of you. Wohoo!

    • Jozinko

      Great video Rizzy! I flew with David in Australia. We were alternating on one trike. He is very experienced pilot and I enjoyed flying with him.

      Sorry guys, I cant attend the 2019 NWFI... Cry Instead of this I want to buy new wing LaughingCoolTongue Out

    • Ted


      looks like a busy weekend for Joseph, but they are serving breakfast!

  • How super cool is this, any members here who do fly these?
    • Tussock

      Yes. There are a few commercially produced motor harnesses, the Mosquito being the most popular. Launching from flat ground can be challenging with a high performance wing. The old conundrum: silent, skill-based soaring flight versus noisy point-and-shoot flexibility...

  • RizzyWizzy commented on the photo Mark Morton with the rising Albuquerque Sun
    Wow,this  is an awesome shot. Mark had posted it on Facebook a few days ago (he always makes sure to give you credit :) . This shot feels like it could be on the cover of a Trike book. Checked your website and saw pictures of the ruins you were...
    Mark Morton with the rising Albuquerque Sun
  • RizzyWizzy commented on a video Salton Sea 2017
    You are welcome, let's just hope that your wife doesn't watch the video and your funny remark!! :)
  • RizzyWizzy commented on the photo Brian Bridge
    Damien,  I was just checking out your website and saw this picture there and I was going to suggest that you share this picture on Trike Social websites. Then I saw it here. I just love this picture. So much happening there. :) Great shot!
    Brian Bridge
  • RizzyWizzy commented on a video Salton Sea 2017
    LOL @ "Beautiful wife who "YOU" tolerate very much". That is hilarious. Very nice to see a video from you in a little while. That is one beautiful bird. :D You guys have awesome terrain to fly over. Just fantastic :D Keep em' coming.