The "Activity Page"- Where the Action happens-- also A quick way to comment, & other Icons

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Activity Page:  Where the action is,  How to Not miss Everything, Quick Tips & Icons


If you want to know what is going on across the whole site, go to the "Activity" page (find the "Activity" button in the upper left under the big & white "All Trikes" logo.

When you go to the Activity page, previously it defaulted to "Friends" activity. This is great, but limits what you see from others (if your "friends aren't posting it looks like nothing is going on). To see everything that is going on*, set the tab to "All" (in the upper left, below the "Activity" button).

Use the "Thumbs Up" to provide positive feedback for good posts (and conversely skip it to down-rate posts).

Use the "Thumbs Down" to provide moderator feedback for inappropriate posts and posts that are not in the friendly spirit of this site. is SELF Moderated-- that is EVERY member is a moderator.  We are toying with the idea of putting some power behind that by limiting posting for a couple days to members who get 5 (?) Thumbs Down on any particular post.  Thus if two members are fighting (not just disagreeing), if they both get 5 thumbs down they get 2 days cooling off period.  One strategy for someone who has 4 thumbs down on a particular post would be to self delete that offending post before they get the 5th thumbs down.

The "Cartoon Text Bubble" next to the Thumbs Up sign can be used to make a quick comment on a post right from the activity page.


* All Activity that can be seen is predicated on waht access level the original poster set the Photo, Page, Group, or video to.  If the original poster set the Photo to "Friends" only his/her friends will see that photo- even if you check "all" activity, it is private to you.  Settings YOU can set when you post something are:  Public (like these how to Pages), Logged in Users (so that not just any random webcrawler can see the item), Friends, and Private.  You can even go one step further by creating groups or hierarchies of friends.  For Example "Close Friends"  If your friends include John_$#|+!@_amp; Tom, but your "close friends" group includes only John & Tom then when you post something, the Read & Write Access drop downs will give you the option of not only "Friends," but "Close Friends" as well.  Read access can be set separately from Write access.  So you could set Read to Public, and Write to Logged in Users for example.  (This page for example is set to Public Read, and Logged in Users Write)



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