Tags: How & why add them to my Post/Photo/Video

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Tags are basically keywords to help members search for topics on the site.   Tags are be entered in field labeled "Tags" below the text box & above the "Save" button.  You should always fill in the Tags box on any post (with key words about your post, separated by commas like [ Antares Trike, Crosswind Landing, Front Axle Design ].   This way, your title may just say "Help with Landing" but anyone searching the site for the above keywords will be directed toward your post-- that equals more views and replies to your questions, and happier searches for everyone else!!!

Tags are similar to categories.  Tags are specific and YOU create them so people find YOUR stuff.  Categories are broad and the webmasters create them.

Here's where they show up on every post.  You can find them and click on them there to see more on those topics!!!   (click on images to enlarge them)

Alltrikes_ I am very close to Solo.....jpg

Here's where you ENTER the tags on any post you are creating, or can go back and EDIT your post to add them later at any time (to drive more people to your post, or enter a contest, etc):

Alltrikes_ Tags page-1.jpg


Enter your tags, separated by commas, and try and fill our or select the other modifiers such as categories, access, etc, too, they each add power to your post.  Then click  "Save"   Voila!!!  You've done it!!


For more info, & how to use Tags to enter Photo / Video Contests see HERE