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  • GPS Testing

    By Ken Comments (1)

    Categories: Safety - GPS Testing January 22 - Feb 12 2017 Las Vegas
  • Sad Day

    By Ken Comments (33)

    Categories: Safety - Sad day my friends. We have a pilot down. RIP brother and my condoleneces to those who knew and loved you.
  • Hybrid-Electric Propulsion For Rotax

    By Ken Comments (1)

    Categories: Tech, Big Fast Trikes - Noam Eshel  Jun 16, 2015 Designed as a retrofit kit for Rotax 912 or 914 aircooled engines, the HPS incorporates a new gearbox and propeller shaft, electrical motor-alternator and power management and storage using...
  • Washington bound

    By Rebel Comments (1)

    Categories: Trike Talk

    http://alltriketng - just got back from Puerto Rico did 3 ck rides and 2 pro cks 2 CFI asel and 1wscl 2pro cks wscl. 1 guy failed the written. but all in all a good trip. now heading to washington to pick up new special LSA. anyone needing training or ck . will be in...
  • Be careful where you fly .... and be careful what you film

    By Ken Comments (4)

    Categories: Low & Slow Trikes, Photography, Video - After months of wrangling in court, Natrona County School District trustee Kevin Christopherson, 53, said he pleaded no contest on May 20 to charges that he harassed a large heard of elk in 2014 in Converse County. Christopherson received one year...
  • Ttabs in the news - Geology speaker presenting aerial photos of ice age flood features

    By Ken Comments (1)

    Categories: Photography - Looks like our own @Ttabs is in the news...   Contributed Ice age lecture   Central Washington University is hosting Tom Tabbert, who will be giving a presentation on the ice age floods with photos he took from his ultra light...
  • Unseen Cuba .... Spectacular first ever aerial photographs of Cuba taken from a Trike

    By Ken Comments (4)

    Categories: Photography - "Nobody had been able to take aerial pictures of the country because of the secretive political regime and technical difficulties," he told IBTimes UK. "I thought it would be awesome to try to become the first man on the planet who could...
  • Message delivered to directly to Congress by Gyro mail

    By Ken Comments (7)

    Categories: News, Not Trike Related - Washington (CNN)U.S. Capitol Police converged Wednesday on a small manned aircraft that has landed on the west front of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Police have taken the pilot into custody. "The U.S. Capitol Police is investigating a...
  • Axia Alloys clamps

    By Wile E Scott - Great site for builders and mod'ers. Lots of options to mount items on trikes.
  • Noosa beach crash

    By Ken Comments (6) - .....    UPDATE 4PM "HIS JACKET COULD HAVE SAVED HIM": pilot's fight for life  SURF lifesavers who pulled the pilot of a downed light aircraft out of the water say his waterproof jacket could have saved him.  Surf Life Saving...