Before you Sign Up / Register-- READ THIS

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AllTrikes respects your privacy-- you can share as little or as much as you want.

When you register, you can give a real user name and a real screen name, just a real first name, a pseudonym for both etc.   Real or pseudonym--  you have to behave yourself anyway.  Also, if you post more than a couple times, it will be obvious to the small triking community who you are-  so you are really just hiding from the Google spies, the spam bots, etc.  Which is fine.

IMPORTANT:  You only get one chance to enter your User Name.  You can change your screen name at any time.  Even Admin can't redo the original login name of anyone.

For Example  your user name can be "John_Smith (no spaces allowed) and your screen name can be JS_Triker"

Please read THIS spirited discussion about Real Names and Pseudonyms before choosing your Name(s).  Get a feel for the pluses and minuses of each method and what members think.

AllTrikes cannot go back and require everyone to use their real name, nor could we verify, nor would we want to.  By way of a non-scientific poll, when members were given the choice of some privacy- many chose that.  We would assume that having the member be comfortable in what they share to whom (and it is very customizable HERE and HERE (in fact, there are pages and pages of HELP see menu bar) helped our membership rocket.  Additionally, what really matters here is good behaviour, democratic moderation, and spirit-- whether you post with your real name, half your real name or a pseudonym--  that applies regardless.

Enjoy YOUR site regardless and keep a good spirit about it.



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