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Embedded content can be a photo or movie.  There is a Screenshot "Embedded" below:

To embed content into a Page, first create a page or Edit a current page.  Position your cursor at the area you want to Embed the picture at.  (for example below I clicked the cursor after ("Embed!!!"). Then click on "Embed content" (upper right of the edit box).  See below embedded screenshot picture for more about how to create a page and Embed!!!!

Embedding 1

 (BTW "Categories" can be changed, let us know what categories you think should be here, added, deleted, combined, changed, ....)

Once you've clicked on Embed, then you will see this pop-up



Click on any content already in your "Files" to embed (see photo embedded above for explanation of "Files"

Click on "Upload" to upload new content into your "Files."

       NOTE: During the upload step you WILL probably WANT to SET ACCESS FOR THIS FILE to PRIVATE. If you do not set the access for the File to private, then when you're done embedding you will have TWO items on the activity river-  The picture you embedded into the comments/page (where you want people to go and comment) AND a Second one which shows up as a File/Pic in the River and draws people over there to click on and comment out of context-- very confusing for people.

  Once new content is in the Files column, you can then click on it to embed.  (ie 2 step process for new content, 1 step for previously uploaded files)


Problems with Embedding?:

Firs thoughts are:

  • 1) The file size of the photo / pic was too big.
  • 2) Browser issue--  Safari often balked on uploads to other sites for me, Firefox was much more reliable

Another minor hint HERE

       Though sometimes file names can actually be a big issue some browsers/computers don't like certain file names-- so, try a very name simple like  " trike.jpg  "

Try a different file type.  Jpeg  (.jpg) works very reliably for me.

I use Skitch as a screenshot annotation program for Apple.  It's free and super easy-- you won't know what you did without it.  When you shoot a screen shot, it will also decrease the size of the file to one that is appropriate for web automatically, and makes it a .jpg (though you can specify).  Alternatively you could use Graphic converter also free for Apple.  Or similar programs for PC-- many are free.

Or use your email program to email yourself the photo (you may not even need to actually send the email) however, within the email controls will be an option to choose the size of the pic (even on iPad).  Once you downsize the pic, you can drag it onto your desktop for embedding.

750 to 1000 pixels wide or 1/2 MB  = 512 kilobytes.

You can see the size of your image by clicking About, or Get Info on your computer (not AllTrikes)

Finally, you may be successful at uploading your embedded photo but parts of the photo are cut off.  This will happen if the picture you're uploading is not Square.  The webhost software here will square it up, and in the process cut off edges-- to prevent this add some white borders to your picture until it is square-- again, Skitch does this in a blink by just dragging the edges of the photo.


Let us know if you continue to have problems, and give as many detail as to what step you were at and what happened.

         Are you uploading via iPad? or other hand held?  What Software (Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox, etx)

You can also send a screenshot directly to (without having to use AllTrikes mail).


If you need help, write in the comments below this page.

Before you start creating pages willy-nilly, see the subject

Pages & Sub-Pages- Site Navigation & Organization (Keeping it neat and logical)

Look to the Right under "Navigation"  or click here.



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    To Embed video in a page window, it's really hard.  Here are the steps:

    Step 1) paste the URL (link) to the video  in the text box where you want it



    That's it.  Step 1--   Oh, and step 2--  hit "Post Comment" or "Save"



    For more on Video look to the right of this page, under "Navigation" follow the topic tree down to the Sub-Page labeled:
    Videos: The Video Screen, Video Quality, iPads, etc


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