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  • white eagle commented on the album Aussie SKYPPER
    Yft thats just a great looking machine.   I wish you had that when i was down there.As you know tanag is my favorite bird.ive never seen the skyper up close . Is the skyper as comfortable as the tanarg?
  • Ken, thank you for the post. I had intended to comment earlier.  I have been following this closely. I think it is absolutely awesome! That is an extremely long flight.  Must have been very challenging to get by with little sleep.  I...
  • Leo commented on a page titled IOS 8.4 fixes external GPS problem
    Yep, updated mine a couple of days ago and tested it yesterday. Works great now with my Bad Elf! :)
  • Leo commented on the album Aussie SKYPPER
    Thank you guys, that's very interesting. The clipper and my Buggy are identical as far as I can tell frame wise. If there is a difference, it's so miniscule that I'd have to measure it to notice the difference. That was one of the main...
  • Ken created a page IOS 8.4 fixes external GPS problem
    For all you Ipad and Iphone users that have external GPS, apple has finally fixed the...

      Yep, updated mine a couple of days ago and tested it yesterday. Works great now with my Bad Elf! :)

  • Leo Fitzgerald is attending tom tabbs elk river fly in
      Rick D

      David, sorry for the RSVP. Debbie was surfing AllTrikes and accidently hit the button. Unfortunately I don't think we will be able to make it this year. Hope it is the best ever!


      Thanks Tom and David for your efforts in coordinating this event.  Sounds like its shaping up to be a great time.  Just made a room reservation at the Log Inn.  Sounds like there may still be rooms available.

      white eagle

      Okie dokie folks.  Its getting close to the bonner (elkriver)fly in.

      Thought id give you all an update. Looks like from the long term forcast we should have some cooler weather  coming  so it should be a pleasant break from the very unusal northern heat we have been having.

      As to date were hearing from about 28 trikes coming realisticaly i have a good guess that there will be at least 20 to 25 trikes  

      Tom will do a press release  at the start and some lucky reporter will prob get a thrill ride.And we will have a day for the general public to promote triking.

      Jim ohara will be bringing there russian built side by side trike for all to see  and possably if someone with ecsperience wants to fly it.

      The airport has graciously povided a large hangar for us at no cost  so we will probably take up a collection for them in gratatude.

      Cfis. I do and have had inquiery into weather any cfis will be willing to spend some time ither doing demo rides or training.from my experience  at fly ins some like to work and some not.So its up to you.

      Last i would like to say that this is a non sanctioned fly in.  Tom and i only help cordinate it so ultimate safety  is up to the pilots. Please fly in a safe manner as we want these airports to be trike friendly



  • Jozinko commented on the album Spiral Dive recovery
    Hi guys, yea, my language barrier is still too big. A lot of slang words (thanks WE) cant translator to know neither :) YFT is absolutely right. Every trikes are flying with autostable mode (except Apollo wings - I hate them, they are dangerous!...
    Max Spiral Nose Down Angle
  • Heather commented on the album Aussie SKYPPER
    YFT - Look at the pretties! Leo, I trained in a Tanarg (mostly) and a Skypper but also have backseat time in both. Nothing can compare to the Tanarg's back seat comfort. It's even better than the cushy front seat. The back seat sits very high...
  • wefly commented on the album Spiral Dive recovery
    SDR... Safe Design Results. or are we thinking Spiral Dive Recovery.?!.. The story about SDR, has created many conversations of opinion - since a few months prior 1st April 2015 Henry Trikelife + front seat PIC presenting us with an image...
    Max Spiral Nose Down Angle
  • Noel C commented on the photo av8or
    Hi WE, You dont have to be too jealous.  It sounds like you are going to have your own great american triking adventure at the Elk River Flyin.  I am looking forward to the photos and stories from that adventure.  How long before...
  • Monty commented on the photo IMG_7988
    wow! that wing is built like brick sh.t-house! strong and very well designed !
  • Monty commented on a page titled Mark Gibbo Gibson
    hey riz, has this loss been mentioned on the 'dark side'? i may have missed it, but i'm saddened to not read of this on that site, i almost bought one of 'gibbos' 103 trikes, i wish i had. rip. gibbo.
  • YFT commented on the album Aussie SKYPPER
    Hi Leo, I am in the back seat a lot and I don't hit my head at all. I think its how you put yourself in the seat to start with. I also have put a bit of soft VELCRO on the mast just in case my helmet did hit the mast. I have two new Tanargs on...
  • white eagle commented on the photo av8or
    Noel i am jealous  martin man that is just an awesome picture
  • white eagle posted on Tussock's message board
    Gosh did I get mixed up Bryan. Thanks I go get the book Otto is one of my hero's. Thanks
  • white eagle commented on the album Spiral Dive recovery
    Yup i get avitar names confussed tussock  but did friend you when you started alltrikes. Kiwi is a great place to be i do recall that the only thing aussie seem like discussing much is whos got the best beer queensland or victoria. Hows kiwi...
    Max Spiral Nose Down Angle
  • Tussock posted on white eagle's message board
    Hey - I've got a book that makes me think of you: Bird Flight As The Basis Of Aviation, written by Otto Lilenthal in the 1890's before he made the world's first hang gliders. It's a piece of our history and fascinates me, and I think you'd find it...
  • Leo commented on the album Aussie SKYPPER
    Thank you YFT!!! :D The only concern I have is the mast hitting the passengers head. Is the clearance like the Tanargs? Or do you find most people have to lean their heads forward for the hemet to clear?