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  • There's a piper down

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    BARNSTORMERS WEBSITE Announcement On Thursday morning, December 8th 2016, website servers experienced a major systems hardware failure that has caused the website and email services to...
  • Google 3d airspace
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    Are you entertained? do you learn anything? do some of the articles inspire you? Is it just a place to hang out and chat with like minded people, perhaps get a laugh or two? If you get anything at all from Alltrikes..........consider this a...
  • Slovakia from the sky

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    For all, who wants to fly in Slovakia, is hand-painting map here. You can to see - fully to the West, west from Malacky Military airport, near the border with Austria, near a small village...
  • Admin Email

    Admin Email

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  • 610 Clowns

    Hey you trikers, I have created a new page at facebook for the 610 clowns. You can find them here: F A A 610 Light-Sport "Where Fun went to die!" Be sure and LIKE it! Ole 3076398CFI 01-10