Hours: 625
About me

I am a 55 year old Financial Planner with a major insurance company in South Africa. I live in the beautiful town of Knysna in the Southern Cape on the Garden Route. Married to Anne-Marié and have two children whom are still draining our pockets although they are 26 and 27 respectively.

I used to fly a 1995 model Air Creation Clipper 582 with a XP 15 wing, with 1 250 hrs on the hobbs. My other passion is photography which I enjoy combining with my flying ( my First love )

My newest ride is a 2004 model P&M Quantum Pegasus Q15 912 UL which now has 750 hrs on the hobbs - I have owned her for 25 months and have already flown 243 hrs in this amazing machine - never thought that the British can make descent trikes - well I have been proven wrong - I just love my newest toy. 

I have more than 700 hrs on trikes and love sharing my love of flying with my love for photography.

I have been flying since April 2008.  

Telephone: 082 451 2518
Trike Flown: Air Creation TANARG 912 ES & Bionix 13, Aerotrike Safari 503, Air Creation Clipper 582 GTE XP15, Air Creation Skypper 912S & Bionix 13, DTA Voyageur 912UL, Aquilla 503, Northwing Maverick 13, P&M Quantum Pegasus 912 UL & Q15 wing.


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