Friends!!! "Why have any" and "How to manage the ones you have" (Collections, setting Access)

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We all need friends.  Well all of us except Oscar the Sesame Street Grouch.


Friends here can do all the same things for you socially that friends any where can, make as many as you'd like.

However, at AllTrikes, you can also manage your friends.

When you friend someone here, they automatically are grouped into the generic collection "Friends."

Whenever you post a new Page, Picture, Video or start a new Group, you can invite your friends to see it.  Your friends can also, be notified whenever you post something new.  OK, cool enough.

Setting Access:

More than that though, you can post a Page, Picture, Video or start a new Group that is limited to just your friends.  Suppose it's controversial topic and you don't want everyone and his brother to see it.  Then, when you post, set the Read Access to "Friends" instead of "Public" or "Logged In Users" or "Private."  Alternatively, you may want to set the Read Access to "Public" but the Write Access to "Friends."-- this way everyone can read, but only your friends can make comments.   You can arrange the access to what suits you.  You can go back later and change the access-- make it more accessible or less (to do so, go to your Page, Picture, Video or Group and click on "Edit")

Collections (of friends):

Pretty soon you may have tons of friends.  You may want to group them into "Collections."  For example, you can have a "Collection" of "Texas Friends" (where you group your Texas friends as an easy way to notify them all of an event coming up in Texas).

You might also want to have a collection called "Close Friends" and/or "Really Close Friends" or "Circle of Trust."  Name your collections what you want.  You could then set a Video you post to be viewed only by your friends in "Circle of Trust."

You will not be notified of the collections your friends place you in.  Make them however you like.

To Create and Manage your Friends and Collections, click on the word "Friends (x)" on the Right side of most pages (a few boxes down from the "Search" box).


How to Make or Undo Friendships (and more on collections):

To Add a Friend, find your friend under "Members" then look to the right of their name and click "Add Friend."

That member will then receive a notification that you want to be their friend.   One place that Notifications of friend requests are found at the very upper Left hand corner in the black bar (a single person icon with a number next to it (or not if there are no requests currently).  You can also manage friend requests under the "Friends" link (click on the word "Friends (x)" on the Right side of most pages (a few boxes down from the "Search" box).  If your intended friend accepts the request, then you now have a friend to add to your collections. 

When YOU accept a friend request, you will see an empty box that says "Collections (Optional)" above it.  Write in any name there you want for the collection "Circle of Trust" "Close Friends" "Purple," etc.  Below that will be zero to many check boxes to allow you to assign (or unassign) friends to any Collections you have already made names for.

You can also see options to Friend, Unfriend, or Collections (if you have any already) under any Member's Avatar on their page.


Friendship can be Unilateral:

You can Friend someone and they do not have to friend you or put you in the "Circle of Trust"-- you have to earn that  ; )

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    How do you know what the Access Setting is currently on any particular content?


    If you click on your own content (for example screenshot of a Limited access video below):

    Example of "Limited"Access

    I added some "white out" to protect the innocent.  This member can quickly check the status of his/her video by clicking on it and seeing the "Limited" near the upper right.  "Limited" refers to a more restricted level of access than just "Logged in Users"  (the least limited, most open access is "Public")

    Or, a member can click on "Video" (or Photos, Pages, etc, ) in the upper menu bar and see a list of "Videos" (Photos, Pages, etc, ) and quickly see what the access is (as in the list of all "public" videos except one in the screenshot below):

    Access- "Logged In"


    To see just a list of your videos, click "Mine" near the upper left of the list window.  Then you can quickly review the access settings on your videos.  You can change the access by clicking on any one, then clicking "edit."