A1: Everybody, HELP out here! Have a question OR an Answer, post it here!!!!

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I could spend days and days writing "How To's" on this site.  Instead, how about Everybody pitch in to help make this site GO!!


If you have a question, look to the right under "Navigation" and see if it's answered.  If it is not, post your question here below under "Comments."

Have a question but figured it out on your own?  Post a "How To" as a Sub-Page to

About This Website--


(Hey, notice the title "A1: A1:  Everybody, HELP out here!  Have a question OR an Answer, post it here!!!!"

Doing that, makes this Sub-page, stick to the top of the list of sub-pages, as they are arranged alphabetically.  Look to the left under "Navigation" and see for yourself where it is listed and how I arranged a Main Page (About this Site) with Sub-Pages (details of about this site).  That Navigation list is "Live" click on any of those titles to jump directly to that page.



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