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  • Going the extra (vertical) mile

    By RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Video, Humor

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    This is NOT my video but of some other pilot. It is an Interesting video, this trike pilot finds a helium balloon, catches it mid flight and then lands to return it to a kid. Now that is going the extra (vertical) mile.  :)
  • 2018 pacific Northwest Fly-In candidate, Sanderson Field, Shelton, WA

    By Dave G

    Categories: Groups / Fly-Ins

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    This video clip I found on YouTube will give you a little idea of what Sanderson Field and Shelton look like.It actually looks perfect for a fly-in!! Props to the Poster of the video, Mr. Ross
  • Tahoe Rocks!

    Tahoe to Kingsbury
  • Family Fun Flight in Revo

    By Happy Triker

    Categories: Video

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    Whole family members enjoyed the rides in Revo. I hope this made their day !!
  • Tike flying over Brooks Range and North Slope. Northernmost Alaska

    Tike flying over Brooks Range and North Slope. Northernmost Alaska. Launch from road to a material site.
  • Introduction to Trike Flying

    I found this vintage video of introduction to Trike Flying. I thought it was interesting, you may like it too.
  • Glacier National Park Flight in 2017

    By Happy Triker

    Categories: Video

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    This is the 3rd time I flew over Glacier National Park. This is one of my most favorite place to fly. Robert Combs and I took off from Ferndale Airport at Bigfork, Montana in 2 trikes at 7am. It was about 50 minutes flight to the park. We flew about...
  • A Slice of Heaven

    By Ttabs Comments (8)
    For those who have not heard, David and Sonya Coy lost their son unexpectily.  As you can only imagine, it is a very hard loss for them and their family. I found out David was going to do a tribute flight for Jacob Saturday evening. ...
  • Hells Canyon and the Grand Ronde River

    By Ttabs Comments (6)
    Here's our X country down to La Grande OR for the Elcipse.  Hell's Canyon is just there waiting for all you to come fly it!   George and I both know we have to spend more time down there exploring that area.  Really cool...
  • Millimeter Takeoff

    By Diego Sagrera

    Categories: Video

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    Millimiter Takeoff