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  • 16,000 Feet Over Mt. Whitney with a Trike

    By Happy Triker

    Categories: Video

    This particular flight was in my bucket list for long time. Mt. Whitney (14,505 feet) is the highest peak in 48 contiguous United States. I have to take off from the airport which is located in leeward of the Sierra Nevada Mountains which stand up...
  • The Morava river & the Baťa canal

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Cross Country / XC, Video

    The flight with Petr Bacik over Morava river and Baťa canal. Mr Baťa wanted to connect Czech and Slovak republic through a canal and started to built it. The Idea begin to be actual here too.
  • Air & Air

    By Diego Sagrera

    Categories: Video, Weather

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    Having fun with the clouds 
  • A flight for Branko

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Video

    Branko's mother flew in another trike. We had qute little time, because a storm was coming...
  • Flying with Friends

    By Rick D

    Categories: Video

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    Had the privilege of flying with a great group of guys in the Hurricane / St. George area of Utah. What a blast it was!
  • a short weather test

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Video

    I was expecting a strong crazy thermal and was beautiful.
  • A little advanced

    Heňo has about 8 hrs of his training, then we started a little advanced flying.
  • Knocking the dust off

    Back in the air after the winter season and bad weather days.
  • Training

    the situation: you are standing on the ground and you are watching at the trike in the sky what is going to land. Usually you can see the bottom side of trike. My question is: what is a chance to see upper side of wing? see at 2:30 It was the stall...
  • Jetski pandemonium!

    Chasing Bill and Barb (coworkers) on their Jetskis. On a side note, the jetskis are both powered by Rotax engines too! My GoPro 7 Black camera was spent on the earlier Grand Canyon run, so I had to land and mount the old, trusty GoPro 3 for this...