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  • Trike droning!

    Lance films with his DJI Spark drone, and Larry flies the Outback trike.
  • Come fly with me.

    By Larry Kaiser

    Categories: Hang Gliders, Soaring

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    Paragliding at Marshall Peak.
  • Sabbath Flying

    By Larry Kaiser

    Categories: Hang Gliders, Soaring

    Hang gliding at Marshal Peak in San Bernardino, Ca
  • Thrill trikes

    A bunch of video clips chopped and mashed together.
  • First flight on my new Outback!

    My buddy Lance Brazil is droning with his DJI Spark and I am shaking out the new trike. Lance has lots of Kung Fu and fitness videos on his channel. Have a look if you like.
  • Freezing our butts off!

    Flying on the Jean dry lake, just outside Las Vegas!
  • First flight!

    Video of my first flight in my new Outback 582, taken from a DJI Spark drone. Please check out some of my other videos.
  • Is it the wing or the trike which moves in turbulence

    By Jetlag Comments (1)
    Whilst they both react which moves the most or gives the greatest impression of moving to the pilot
  • Caldron VR 360

    By jeff trike

    Categories: Tech, Video

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    Check this out.   It's a 360 VR  #360 VR, # jeff_trike, # caldron Check this out. A 360 degree VR flight over the Caldron of Hell in New Mexico. Go to YouTube, go full screen, use the mouse scroll to zoom, and drag across...
  • MICROLIGHT FLIGHTS: Three Coffee Deparados - Top of the World

    By crayonbox

    Categories: Cross Country / XC, Video

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    Part 1...Top of the World. A series of three epic episodes takes us to scenic country with friends having too much fun. You should subscribe immediately so you don't miss the following episodes. You really must see what comes next as the day becomes...