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  • Stolen Trikes

    Last updated by Ken
    Be on the lookout for a couple of stolen trikes - from Albuquerque NM. Frak Dempseys Red Devil N27AP  and Damien Beresfords Airborne N824PB
  • New FAA regs inbound for FAA

    Last updated by Ken
    Interesting article on upcoming regs for LSA. Stay tuned, changes are inbound Link HERE
  • 2020 Trike Fly-in July 18th - 25th.

    Last updated by Ttabs Comments (7)
    And the site for this years fly-in is Methow Valley located in North Central Washington State!!!  Pronounced Met-How Valley  it will be held on July 18th to 25th!   This is Methow Valley State Airfield...
  • Check out this Kamloops ultralight pilot flying completely in reverse

    Last updated by Ken Comments (2)
    I think this is complete BS. My guess is only the video is running in reverse. Anyone else??
  • don't sit next to a thief!

    Last updated by Monty Comments (1)

    Categories: Not Flying Related

    so, this husband and wife go to the movies, and on the way she finds a wad of money, haveing no pockets she tucks it into her panties. after the movie they are walking to their car when the husband says, oh by the way lets see that money. she says i...
  • Recent Crash in Idaho

    Last updated by Ken   Sad to hear about this. Glad the pilot is OK. At first glance looks to be Antares. Does anyone know the pilot?
  • Out of gas: Ultralight trike exhausted fuel before crash

    Last updated by Ken Comments (4)

    Categories: Big Fast Trikes — An ultralight trike ran out of fuel as it soared 1,300 feet above the Kona Coast before crashing March 20 at Kukio,...
  • Hello :)

    Last updated by Leo Comments (3)
    Hello everybody. I’v been missing in action for a while. Just wanted assure everyone, I’m doing alright, been working lots, but things are subsiding, and during this time I’ve been re-furbishing my Trike. Hoping to get back up in...
  • Trike Fly in/Campout in Las Vegas?

      Kinda thinking it might be fun to fly and camp on the Jean Dry Lake just outside Las Vegas, NV. Maybe springtime like May before it gets too hot? Just kicking the idea around so far, but if people are interested the dry lake is a nice place...
  • ouch

    Last updated by Monty

    Categories: Trike Talk

    well friends,  i had the spinal operation 3 weeks ago and i'm still having to use a walker to get around drove yesterday for first time since the op, still hoping to resume flying my trike as soon as i am able, though there aint any 2 place...