"Black Out" Landings (When to flare if landing in the Dark)

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Most trike pilots do not land at night due to license restriction or good luck with planning.  Many do not have a landing light.  These factors and the fact that you may some day be caught out by unforeseen circumstances and find yourself landing in the dark are good reasons to at least read this tip on when to flare in the dark.

Click HERE for short explanation

or here:  http://www.pilotworkshop.com/tips/no_light_landing.htm


  • white eagle

    Yup could happen just like when you guys came into bills ranch another half hour and it would have been difficult.

  • XC Triker

    You're right David.  I've done some mountain flying, but admit I still have lots to learn.  I wanted to leave earlier that day because sundown can't be bargained with.  What I forgot was that in the mountains, especially in a steep valley like where Dan & Bill's ranch is, it gets darker much earlier/quicker-- and those mountains and steep valleys (especially no lights / towns, and a backyard unlit runway) are not a place you want to be caught out after dark.      @GeoBlaze,  @Ttabs

    One other tip I did remember, and want to share with people, was to print out a picture (eg Satellite view) of where that unmarked landing field was.  I've learned the hard way before that finding a place by GPS coordinates alone can be tough (worse in low light).  So, I printed out a photo and handed it to everyone before takeoff.  Still 3 out of four didn't refer to it or ... ? and got a little lost coming in there.

  • white eagle

    Well i thought you guys did a great job and its always good to have someone waiting with a radio on the ground athough not always possible.

  • Jozinko

    Only one time I flew in strong headwind with my father(!!!) on board in late evening. On the end of our trip showed me the GPS and the airport I saw when we were up it. 1000ft over was dark. Down was deaply dark. I was very shitty in that time. Fortunately I have two lamps down the trike. I learnt from the Ukrainan pilots one lamp heading in front - to far, second lamp is heading down - I can to see what high Im. But next morning I fell down... because all around was electric cables and on the end of airport stayed a big radio transmitter - from heading where we flew.

  • XC Triker

    Wow, scary story!!  Yep "unexpected" headwinds happen all the time !!!  Plan for the unexpected !  @GeoBlaze 's Great Poll (and comments) on running out of Fuel would also apply to running out of Sunlight!!!