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Just an update to safety. On my last flight I leared the value of tethering. I was shooting one handed, flying  with the other when my Iphone dropped as I pressed the shutter button! Luckily the phone was tethered. From the looks of the drop it would have just fallen to the earth but you never know! Be sure to make the tether short enought so it doesn't get in the prop!

Shot from a dropping camera


  • XC Triker

    Tether EVERYTHING--  pens, sectionals, gloves, phone, hand-held radio, GPS (I had mine bounce out on a hard landing, fortunately all $1500 worth fell inside the fairing) .....

    GPS into the prop?!  Now that gets expensive ... !!!!

  • Doug Boyle

    FYI:  the "suction cup" mounts can release upon reaching an undetermined altitude -- due to pressure differential.  It cost my buddy his new iPhone4S but, fortunately, it missed the prop!