BRS Training: Cirrus Deploys Chute Training

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Cirrus says it has made pilot safety its new top priority with a program designed to ensure the pilots of its aircraft know how, and perhaps more importantly when, to use the built-in safety features, including the parachute. In announcing Cirrus Approach, CEO Dale Klapmeier said the Cirrus safety record is "on par" with other designs even though Cirrus aircraft have a host of safety features, like automatic levelers and flight envelope detection and overrides, plus the chute, meaning an average safety rating "is not acceptable to us." He said the Cirrus Approach aims to change that. "If pilots do not utilize these features or are not trained properly on how to use them, then these safety devices are not as effective as they could be," Klapmeier said. "Cirrus Approach is our new commitment to making Cirrus pilots safer."

Although there have been more than 40 intentional deployments of the parachute and 69 lives saved, Cirrus believes there have been many more instances when the handle should have been pulled. "We believe a lack of training and practice are the primary reasons pilots do not use CAPS when they should," said Rob Haig, Cirrus's director of flight operations. The company has created new training materials that it's encouraging every Cirrus pilot to go to.


By  Ru ss Niiles  | May 25, 2013





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    Read the article above, Cirrus states their planes are not any safer than average yet they've saved 77 lives with the Parachute !!??  How is this statistically possible?  Voice your opinion!

    Is the Cirrus actually less safe and the BRS only brings it up to average?

    Maybe the Cirrus  attracts more wealthy pilots who may not have time or inclination to train to fly safer-- like the plane nicknamed the "Bonanza V-Tailed Doctor Killer"?