• Inspect your 912 Idle Jets? WHY?!?

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    I had my idle jets completely block up on my Trike last fall to the point my engine wouldn't idle.  Here, I thought I'd just check the idles on my Sportcruiser for the heck of it.  Sure glad I did!
  • Hell's Canyon and the Snake River

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    Here's a little take from the Joseph 2019 fly-in.  Thought we'd do a little trolling for fish!  
  • 2019 Joseph OR fly-in ....

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    Well the 2019 NW Trike Fly-in is behind us.  Things went very smoothly (except for our La Grande folks)  and the week was exceptional.  Great company and decent flying!  Actually, I enjoyed the cooler weather and the cloud flying...
  • How about a little mountain flying .....

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    Another production from the Stevensville Fly-in 2018.  
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