Low Altitude Bank Angles- Started by Doug Boyle

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  • Doug Boyle 3 days ago

    Low-Altitude Bank Angles:

    Keep 'em sane!  You never know what you'll pick up in the traffic pattern - vortices, shear, gusts, etc.

    What is the concensus here on maximum bank angles below 1000' AGL?

  • Ken
    Ken 3 days ago

    Depends a bit on the stability of the air, but I'd say they get greater with altitude for me. 10 or so near the ground, and fairly steep as needed above 500. Good comment about pattern altitude. Never know what you'll find there. Had a skydive plane drop in on me for a visit entering downwind from the top last time I flew at an airport. Be ready for anything!

  • XC Triker
    XC Triker 3 days ago

    The one thing about a slipping turn to final is that it will build speed, and "most" times speed helps authority in turbulence.  Otherwise fully agree that for the most part, my comfort in many aspects of flight increases with altitude.

    I have a friend who's girlfriend always insists he fly lower when she's scared.  So, she often forces him to fly lower over trees, water, etc, because she feels "safer" that way.   In her mind, turbulence, is a great reason to be low!!!  ???       Cue german clock with bird noise & spring sound here ....

  • Ken
    Ken 3 days ago

    LOL, I think I know her!