Forced Landing Checklist

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Pilots tip of the Week:  Forced Landing Checklist


"I had an engine failure on downwind and a forced landing in a plowed corn field. I spent the last 500 feet concentrating on landing the airplane but did not block the door open, turn all switches off, tighten seat belt, and turn fuel supply off. I did broadcast on UNICOM that I was having a forced landing but nobody paid attention because I didn't say Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. I spent too much time trying to restart the engine and neglected other critical items. I walked away without a scratch, but did $50K damage to my airplane. At what point is it useless to try and restart the engine?"

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  • jeff trike

    How can you not make it to the runway from the downwind leg with 500 ft of altitude?

  • XC Triker

    I was wondering that too!!  Must've been an extended downwind??  At ?~ 500fpm sink, then he was > 1 minute away from end of runway which would be > 1 mile.  Shuolda been higher !! ;) ---  that's a cool thing I really like about trikes, they have a good glide, but we don't HAVE to use it.  We can come up on the airport way higher than the GA glide slope, then just cut power over the threshold and easily land.  No coming in on a super shallow miles-long final.