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Flying With George - Felts Field Fun Four Minute Fast Frigid Freeze Flight

A Four Minute (actually under 4 minutes Takeoff to Land) Flight once around the pattern at Felts Field just before sunset on December 28th 2012. Yes it was freezing out but I stayed nice and warm in my new Sedici Hotwired heated gear which I was testing and it works great. Special thanks to nonperishable and PUREjOY for their music.


  • XC Triker

    Hey George,

    Really like this video- especially the cockpit sounds:  ATIS with temperature of ONE!!??  (that's not a temperature, that's a lack of temperature),  and the ATC talk.  Noticed you guys use "Experimental Trike ..." - I've been using Exp. Lightsport ..., but I like your's better.

    Very nice job!!  Totally Titillating Title Too

  • GeoBlaze

    Hey David... Thanks for the comment.  A while back there was an extensive online discussion on what is the best radio call to use (Trike, Weight Shift Control, LightSport, FlexWing, Etc.) and it seemed like the outcome was generally that using "Trike" (in US airspace) is short, specific, and well understood by ATC so I've been using that.  I usually only preface with "Experimental" Trike on the initial call which is required.  Subsequent calls are shortened to Trike 3115C or Trike 15C if ATC abbreviates it in their callback, which they often do after the initial call.

  • Ed E.

    Hi George,

     It's great to see your putting in some winter time flights and keeping your hours up but the temp is down BBUURR!! I hope all is well with you and the family and we wish everyone a Happy New.


    Ed and Leigh Ann.

  • YFT

    Hi George, Great video, and loved listening to the ATC. Also enjoyed the last comments after the pictures had finished. Must have been cold , or just very fresh?

  • Ken

    I cant believe you are flying in this cold George! It got all the way up to -2C over in Couer D'alene Yesterday - We were out watching some pretty cold Bald Eagles.


  • TrikeBoyWonder

    I loved this video George but Gezz, I was really feeling COLD by the end of it.  You really are quite talented at putting out smartly thought out & well edited videos, Mano.  I have enjoyed all your 'Flying with George' vids.

  • RizzyWizzy

    George, I loved the video and the communication. I use "Light Sport Delta Wing" when communicating. A while back a funny thing happened. I use to use "Weight Shift Control" but because I speak with some accent, some pilots thought I was saying "Mission control", instead of "Weight Shift Control" (I must be talking fast) anyways whatever the reason me (with my ethnic looks) talking to "mission control" not the best combination if you ask me...LOL, so I started using delta wing. ;)

  • Ken

    I've tried several combinations. Usually I use experimental trike,  I've also tried experimental delta wing, but once the local traffic sees me (usually helicopters) they just call me 'experimental', although I've also been called a glider a few times. I guess my stick trike looks more "experimental" than most. Not quite the finished beast that George is flying.

  • GeoBlaze

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys... Mission Control to Rizzy... love your sense of humor !  Joe, you always have an encouraging word which I appreciate... The video itself was not particularly interesting so I embellished with some audio and music to spice it up a bit.  Ken... I have had ATC call my position out to other aircraft as being a "KITE" :/  YFT... I was wondering who would notice the ending comments... this was left in by accident and I initially deleted it in the final edit but then I decided to leave it in... thanks for noticing!  Ed... I only logged 0.1 hours for this flight (3 min, 50 secs) which was rounding up so it'll take a few of these to keep my hours up : )  I am looking forward to winter flying this season!  I was playing around with my new heated gear and lost track of time... by the time I took off it was six minutes before sunset so I had time for only one trip around the pattern (position lights are my next project).  The heated gear works great... I was actually sweating as I taxied back and had to turn the power off to cool down a bit.  Happy New Year and safe flying to all !