Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!
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Camera Mount Photos

By GeoBlaze

Categories: Equipment, Photography, Video

Recently a fellow triker asked about my video setup.  Here is a description with some photos.
I have two of the original GoPro HD HERO video cameras and one GoPro2.
I have a camera mounted on each wing.  For the wing mount I use the GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost Pole Mount ( attached to the washout strut where it connects with the leading edge tube.  A single coupler is used so that the camera is pointed towards the Trike (perpendicular to the washout strut).  This keeps the camera very close to the point of connection with minimal moment arm which helps minimize vibration.
The forward looking camera is located on the front tube.  This is mounted using the GoPro Roll Bar Mount (  In this case no coupler is needed and the camera is very close to the front tube to minimize vibration.  I use a lanyard on this as a safety precaution so that if any part of the camera mount comes loose (very unlikely) it would be secured and would not go through the prop.
I also have a mount on the bottom of the main carriage keel near the back of the trike.  My carriage keel has a square aluminum tube that is flat on the bottom and I use a standard flat adhesive GoPro mount for this.  I use a lanyard here also as described above.  You can see some video taken from the bottom at this link:

Sometimes I use a camera mounted on the helmet using a standard curved adhesive GoPro helmet mount (see: at about 2:30 for an example video).  This works for some things but I find I move my head a lot and this generally does not make for a great video because there is too much movement.
For video editing I use the PowerDirector 9.0 program (the current version is 11.0).  This is relatively inexpensive and does a pretty good job.