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Would you ditch in water or trees?

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QUESTION: Given a choice with an engine failure, would you land in
shallow water near a shoreline or go for a tall stand of pine

Wally Moran tackles this difficult decision HERE


  • Kael Rowan

    I'd pick the trees with my BRS. 

  • Jozinko

    I would land into the water near the coast because I havent rocket rescue system. When I would be low then I would slow sharply and sit down as a parachute. Damage of my trike and wing will be smaller than landing between trees.

  • XC Triker

    You know they really didn't say how "shallow" the shallow water is.  Shallow water usually has a beach--  but, this is all theoretical.  Trees look scary to me-- but Jozinko, they're talking about trees being a better option in some cases for a plane without a BRS--- so,     a trike is probably pretty likely to stick in the trees with all it's wires and fabric that will let tree branches into it.

    I wouldn't advise either way--  trees scare me (with all their poking parts), but water and trikes don't mix.  These guys advise trees over even shallow water- I can see some logic in that.  I just think these are good mental exercises to go through.  What would I do if....        If you've thought about it in some depth, you will make a quicker better decision if need be.  Of course, I always prefer altitude over crappy landing options.

  • Lucian

    Never go for water you will almost always flip or twist on impact and the sail usually wraps around you with the wing tubes and cable bending around you and trapping you and you will drown.  Forget about the cost of your aircraft and think about your well being.  Always go for the trees and ALWAYS go in a bit hard to stay stuck there.  A few have tried to land soft on top of trees and then they have rolled over and dropped dozens of feet and some suffered severe injuries, to death.  Get your self wedged in and it is best to wait for help to arrive before unstrapping yourself.  I have witnessed two tree landings.  One I assisted by climbing the tree to help extract the pilot safely.

    The other time the pilot did not want to wait until help and ropes arrived and let himself out of the seat belt and tried to get to the trunk but fell and broke many bones on impact.  He could have snapped his neck on the way down on a branch or when he hit the ground and would have been dead.  If over water and you can land on the beach or shore, do that otherwise do not go into the water, go into a tree and do it firmly so you wedge in there.  I have written extensively on this subject on the Trike Social list on another web site.  Go and research the articles you will learn a lot but do not go into the water.  You will not float down like a parachute by pushing out the bar, if you think that then you clearly do not understand trike flying and need to go back to lesson school if you are already flying.

  • cburg

    Two died in Seoul Korea when I was there when they dunked it going fast in a Quik-R. Mangled it. One was a kid...and the authorities shut down the flying.

  • white eagle

    Well as a glide head I would always have chosen a group of a trikehead in a slow big wing I would opt I think for the trees.but in a fast heavy trike I might opt for the shallows and try to hold flare at min vne.a hangie friend of mine hung up on a poderosa on a Hugh pinicale he was fine untill rescue team dropped him fifty feet.broke almost every bone in his body but lived to fly again.Jimmy pica if your out their somewhere you were awesome dude.