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  • Always wanted to be a fighter pilot!

    Sitting at home, bored I had to do something. Got to turn it up! No Music!
  • My Flying and Vlogging Youtube Video Channel

      For your pleasure, in early January I ramped up my video production to post 1 per week with lots of ideas and topics relating to flying in Australia. In that time the channel grew fantastically by 35 subscribers, but then came to a dead...
  • runway behind versus runway in front

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    you may be getting old, when everyone starts calling you 'sir', and elderly ladies offer you their seat on the bus,....................  and you take it!        it must be sunday, 'cos the paper's really...
  • Going the extra (vertical) mile

    By RizzyWizzy

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    This is NOT my video but of some other pilot. It is an Interesting video, this trike pilot finds a helium balloon, catches it mid flight and then lands to return it to a kid. Now that is going the extra (vertical) mile.  :)
  • Trike flying in IFR condition !!

    By Happy Triker

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  • Fun around the campfire at Sandpoint fly in

    By Dave G

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    There was peace and tranquility around the campfire on Saturday night until the Canadians showed up with a Tune box....YEE Haw shake it George! Apologies for the shaky video....i totally blame the Cherry Moonshine.
  • What harm can a little microburst do anyways?

    Don't tie it down if you want to lose it. I know its not a trike video but there is still something we might learn here.
  • Ken and the Weedhopper

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    ken and i drove the 600mls to lake alvord in south east oregon, his ford 'exploder' dragging a huge trailer with my weedhopper tied on it. when we were about twenty miles away from the lake, mostly dry, i had a brain-phart, why not fly the rest of...

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    if you start bleeding from your ear-hole, check you haven't mixed your toothpicks in with your q-tips, again. if your toothpaste tastes 'funny', check the label, maybe you picked up your hemmeroid cream, by mistake, again. if you notice that your...

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    another pet peeve of mine is mfrs manuals. my 1961 suzuki came with 'hints and tips on riding the motorcycle'. it contained such usefull info as, 'beware of the mud-puddle for there-in lurks the skid-demon'. also, 'if a horseman hove into view toot...