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  • don't sit next to a thief!

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    so, this husband and wife go to the movies, and on the way she finds a wad of money, haveing no pockets she tucks it into her panties. after the movie they are walking to their car when the husband says, oh by the way lets see that money. she says i...
  • ouch

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    Categories: Trike Talk

    well friends,  i had the spinal operation 3 weeks ago and i'm still having to use a walker to get around drove yesterday for first time since the op, still hoping to resume flying my trike as soon as i am able, though there aint any 2 place...

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                       at last!  spencer has managed to lift the nasty 403 forbidden page from my pc, but refuses to allow this 'fugitive' triker to log...
  • For several weeks I've tried to log into TPS, but only get a 'forbidden 403' message.

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  • ha ha

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    do you know what happened to the guy that couldn't tell the difference between toothpaste and putty?.                                          ...
  • runway behind versus runway in front

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    Categories: Humor

    you may be getting old, when everyone starts calling you 'sir', and elderly ladies offer you their seat on the bus,....................  and you take it!        it must be sunday, 'cos the paper's really...
  • for sale, boat anchor ( kidding!)

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    Categories: Equipment

    i'm sure i'm in the wrong place, but i'm offering for sale my HIRTH 65 hp unit, exactly as i last flew it, complete with carbs, pru, altitude adjustment. 65 hp, approx 200 hrs. almost free!!  $1k. it's been in dry storage since i last flew it,...
  • the reason

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    the REAL reason old people don't have sex is 'cos when they got naked they'd be laughing too much to do anything.
  • is it time

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    Categories: Safety

    is it time to banish complacency ? not in any way blaming this as a cause for rebs accident, a possibility only. in my own february 'incident' the big 'C' played a big part in my costly , and painfull rollover, i wasn't really concentrating on what...
  • Again Almost!

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    last friday was lovely, sunny, 50 deg, no wind. but saturday was different, with possible thunderstorms, etc. this happened  saturday.  i had spent the last coupla' weeks rebuilding 'phang', now known as 'feenix', my cosmos echo, and...