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  • Saturday morning cold and clear sunrise!

    By Dave G Comments (8)
    Flying out of Vernon,BC, Canada Saturday October 20 7:00am Beautiful conditions for flight but a bit nippy. the afterflight coffee never tasted so good haha.
  • The most amazing Sunday morning

    By Dave G Comments (2)
    A few touch and go's then off to meet friend Dean Coleman for a flight out to Cherryville
  • 2018 pacific Northwest Fly-In candidate, Sanderson Field, Shelton, WA

    By Dave G

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    This video clip I found on YouTube will give you a little idea of what Sanderson Field and Shelton look like.It actually looks perfect for a fly-in!! Props to the Poster of the video, Mr. Ross
  • Fun around the campfire at Sandpoint fly in

    By Dave G

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    There was peace and tranquility around the campfire on Saturday night until the Canadians showed up with a Tune box....YEE Haw shake it George! Apologies for the shaky video....i totally blame the Cherry Moonshine.
  • Fly with Birds

    Probably the closest you will feel to actually flying with birds. David Coy.....This made me think of you. Great little video.
  • Dean Coleman / Dave Gibson Lazy Sunday morning flight

    By Dave G Comments (7)
    Sunday morning, July 10, 2016. Although it was an hour, it felt like it was over in 10 minutes. What a beautiful and peaceful flight through the valley and up to Mabel lake. Its an awesome way to start the day. Thanks for sharing the flight with...
  • What harm can a little microburst do anyways?

    Don't tie it down if you want to lose it. I know its not a trike video but there is still something we might learn here.
  • Dean Coleman, very patient tour guide

    This is my very first flight as a fully licensed ultralight pilot. Dean Coleman took me on a narrated tour of the Lumby Valley showing me things to watch out for and other beautiful sites to take in. It does not show it but I took about eight...
  • I wish.

    By Dave G

    Categories: Not Trike Related

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    Take a look at Bobby Breeden's fourth consecutive win and reported new world record for combined take-off/landing! 20 foot landing, 24 foot takeoff. If only we could get trikes to do this without having to use a 30 meter wing
  • Bonners Ferry Fun

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    What a great time meeting new friends and reacquainting with old friends. A new chapter in my training opened at Bonners Ferry. Huge THANKS going out to Leo Fitzgerald of Introflights.com