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  • Out of gas!

    By Dave G Comments (6)
    It would never happen to me.......Famous last words. Im about to air my "IDIOT laundry in public" If anybody learns anything from this video then its worth posting this embarrasing video.
  • Saturday morning cold and clear sunrise!

    By Dave G Comments (8)
    Flying out of Vernon,BC, Canada Saturday October 20 7:00am Beautiful conditions for flight but a bit nippy. the afterflight coffee never tasted so good haha.
  • The most amazing Sunday morning

    By Dave G Comments (2)
    A few touch and go's then off to meet friend Dean Coleman for a flight out to Cherryville
  • 2018 pacific Northwest Fly-In candidate, Sanderson Field, Shelton, WA

    By Dave G

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    This video clip I found on YouTube will give you a little idea of what Sanderson Field and Shelton look like.It actually looks perfect for a fly-in!! Props to the Poster of the video, Mr. Ross
  • Fun around the campfire at Sandpoint fly in

    By Dave G

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    There was peace and tranquility around the campfire on Saturday night until the Canadians showed up with a Tune box....YEE Haw shake it George! Apologies for the shaky video....i totally blame the Cherry Moonshine.
  • Fly with Birds

    Probably the closest you will feel to actually flying with birds. David Coy.....This made me think of you. Great little video.
  • Dean Coleman / Dave Gibson Lazy Sunday morning flight

    By Dave G Comments (7)
    Sunday morning, July 10, 2016. Although it was an hour, it felt like it was over in 10 minutes. What a beautiful and peaceful flight through the valley and up to Mabel lake. Its an awesome way to start the day. Thanks for sharing the flight with...
  • What harm can a little microburst do anyways?

    Don't tie it down if you want to lose it. I know its not a trike video but there is still something we might learn here.
  • Dean Coleman, very patient tour guide

    This is my very first flight as a fully licensed ultralight pilot. Dean Coleman took me on a narrated tour of the Lumby Valley showing me things to watch out for and other beautiful sites to take in. It does not show it but I took about eight...
  • I wish.

    By Dave G

    Categories: Not Trike Related

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    Take a look at Bobby Breeden's fourth consecutive win and reported new world record for combined take-off/landing! 20 foot landing, 24 foot takeoff. If only we could get trikes to do this without having to use a 30 meter wing