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  • Jetski pandemonium!

    By Larry Kaiser

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    Chasing Bill and Barb (coworkers) on their Jetskis. On a side note, the jetskis are both powered by Rotax engines too! My GoPro 7 Black camera was spent on the earlier Grand Canyon run, so I had to land and mount the old, trusty GoPro 3 for this...
  • New prop

    By Jozinko

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    We installed a new prop
  • Trim

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Tech, Cross Country / XC, Video

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    I flew to Czech republic for new electric trim. 
  • First flight on my new Outback!

    My buddy Lance Brazil is droning with his DJI Spark and I am shaking out the new trike. Lance has lots of Kung Fu and fitness videos on his channel. Have a look if you like.
  • Caldron VR 360

    By jeff trike

    Categories: Tech, Video

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    Check this out.   It's a 360 VR  #360 VR, # jeff_trike, # caldron Check this out. A 360 degree VR flight over the Caldron of Hell in New Mexico. Go to YouTube, go full screen, use the mouse scroll to zoom, and drag across...
  • My Flying and Vlogging Youtube Video Channel

      For your pleasure, in early January I ramped up my video production to post 1 per week with lots of ideas and topics relating to flying in Australia. In that time the channel grew fantastically by 35 subscribers, but then came to a dead...
  • wantto learn how do I begin

    Last updated by LikeTrikes Comments (1)

    Categories: Trike Talk, Tech, Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

    Hello all I am from Broooklyn, NY (dont hold it agaiinst me LOL, Im trying to move out). I want to learn how to fly a trike, I vacationed in UTah during the summer (St George )and want to find a a club or school inthe area can anyone help?...
  • Paraglider dashboard, must have FREE Android cell phone app

    Last updated by jeff trike Comments (2)

    Categories: Tech, Equipment, Cross Country / XC I downloaded this app and took it out for a test flight this morning.  It is fantastic.  It was developed by a paraglider pilot, but works great on my...
  • CDI (Mags) problem

    Last updated by Diego Sagrera Comments (12)

    Categories: Trike Talk, Tech, Maintenance

    Help, I have a problem when chequing the CDI (Mags) when I have my 503 at 4,000 rpm and I check one CDI the RPM does not drop on the other one the engine shots off. The engine starts normally and sounds like it has always sounded this is why I think...