Going the extra (vertical) mile

By RizzyWizzy

Categories: Video, Humor

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This is NOT my video but of some other pilot. It is an Interesting video, this trike pilot finds a helium balloon, catches it mid flight and then lands to return it to a kid. Now that is going the extra (vertical) mile.  :)


  • Jozinko

    It could be a big surprise what you can meet in the air :) 

  • white eagle

    It is joz.  My flight over to st ignacious tp fly mt mcdonald i was cruzing along and wam on my left shoulder. I thought id been shot ny some back hills wanna be montanan that didnt know the difference between a trike and a big bird? Turns out i got impaled by  a 6 line june beattle. No small bug by any means . 2  to 3 inches by 1  -1/4  green stripped  bullet it was. Another great reason to wear a viser and a helmet.  But if you need more reasons theres also that seagull in chelan who was playing chicken with me head on when he  or she decided to turn tail and run. I knew i was in trouble when it lifted its tail and squirted a large egg sized blob directly in my path.  Of course i would of wore it like a badge of honor from one bird to another!

  • Ken

    The video is Bill Baby down in Vegas, Not his first balloon catch either!