crayonboxAirborne XT912 Cruze and Streak III, Outback 582 Streak IIb

Dual 110+ Solo 150+ (as of 1-Sept-2013)

Hervey Bay YHBA, Maryborough YMYB, Pacific Haven YPAC, Childers YCDS, Tewnatin Noosa YNSH, Caloundra YCDR, Tangalooma YTGA, Watts Bridge YWSG, Biggenden YBIN, Caboolture YCAB, Gympie YGYM, Orchid Beach YOKB, Bundaberg YBUD, Gayndah YGAY, Monto YMTO, Kingaroy YKRY

Private: Nikenbah, Wanggoolba, Miramar(Takura), Lake Barambah, Susan River, The Dimonds (Bill Price)

Here is SkyVector showing some flying I have completed as of and including CrossCountry NAVs endorsement in March 2014.

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  • My Flying and Vlogging Youtube Video Channel

      For your pleasure, in early January I ramped up my video production to post 1 per week with lots of ideas and topics relating to flying in Australia. In that time the channel grew fantastically by 35 subscribers, but then came to a dead...
  • AIRBORNE XT-912B Streak3 for sale in Queensland Australia

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    My trike is up for grabs.  TT1500hrs. TBO2000hrs. Streak3(750hrs) and Cruze(610hrs) wings included.  Built 2007. Asking $17,500.  Many accessories included.  Great condition.   Contact me for more...
  • Im still around :)

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    Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone here at Alltrikes.   I have had a very busy 2015 and will be back home finally today after a 2 week break away.  2015 has not seen me in the air too often due to work commitments and other...
  • Flight Log to Share

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    Categories: Cross Country / XC

    For all you pilots out there, I thought I would share my Big week of flying.  Totaling 9.2hours in 5 days. And I thought we could all do the same.  So please post your flights with a brief description of what you did, saw and weather...
  • My Biggest Day Ever Day Trip.

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    My most 1day epic flight trip to date.  I flew with some guys from my Aeroclub from Maryborough to Monto and return.  Aircraft.... 2x Cessnas, 1x Piper Bonanza, and me, in my Xt912. I met friends there too, and took one for a scenic...
  • Pelicanman is in the Newspaper.

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    Very nicely written article too. Now the secret is out :-)
  • Fuel Degradation

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    Categories: Tech, Safety, Maintenance

    Just found this from our BP Fuel distributor in Australia.  Should help with questions about when what why and how to look after your fuel on your trike.  Remember this is written for Australia so please consider the RON octane rating and...
  • I need accommodation in VIC asap - anyone going here.....

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    Categories: Not Trike Related If your going and you want some company please let me know. End of February for 1-2 March.  Otherwise it may be too hard for me to go.
  • How's your Weather?

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    Well it's almost summer here in the great Queensland of Australia.  Flying opportunities have been reduced to a minimum unless you fancy getting out of bed at 430am.  There is the odd day where mother nature relaxes and lets the birds...
  • Aircraft storage

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    It has become very obvious to me that storing an aircraft is one of the more difficult aspects on being an aircraft owner. I see several options, but not all of us are fortunate enough to have the choices other owners may have access...