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  • For several weeks I've tried to log into TPS, but only get a 'forbidden 403' message.

    Last updated by Monty Comments (53)

    Categories: Trike Talk

  • Private Pilot License in Trike Flying

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Trike Talk, Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

    Hi all I am curious about the benefits of doing a Private Pilot License for Weight Shift Control flying. It seems, it gives you the priviledges of Private Pilot License, such as flying at night (with proper training and endorsements), flying above...
  • Watch out for low flying elk

    Last updated by Ken Comments (5)

    Categories: Safety, Low & Slow Trikes, Big Fast Trikes

    Authorities say a leaping elk brought down a research helicopter trying to capture the animal in the mountains of eastern Utah.
  • My Flying and Vlogging Youtube Video Channel

      For your pleasure, in early January I ramped up my video production to post 1 per week with lots of ideas and topics relating to flying in Australia. In that time the channel grew fantastically by 35 subscribers, but then came to a dead...
  • Father Goose Bill Lishman passed away

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy Comments (1)

    Categories: Trike Talk

      Most of us have seen the movie "Fly Away Home". That movie is based on Bill Lishman and his revolutionary work with helping birds migrate using Ultralight airplanes.   Bill Lishman passed away Dec 30th, 2017. May he rest in...
  • ha ha

    Last updated by Monty
    do you know what happened to the guy that couldn't tell the difference between toothpaste and putty?.                                          ...
  • runway behind versus runway in front

    Last updated by Monty Comments (3)

    Categories: Humor

    you may be getting old, when everyone starts calling you 'sir', and elderly ladies offer you their seat on the bus,....................  and you take it!        it must be sunday, 'cos the paper's really...
  • 103 Trike for sale .5 bitcoin

    Last updated by Glidedon Comments (2)
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  • Flying in Turbulence and Thermal Activity

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy Comments (25)

    Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

    Hi all, I hope I am NOT the only one here who is not entirely comfortable flying in Turbulence and Thermal activity. (despite the fact that I have been flying for a little while now). Few weeks ago, I was flying with an experienced (Trike pilot...
  • Winterizing a four stroke engine

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy Comments (2)

    Categories: Equipment

    Hi all, I bought my Four Stroke 912 trike about a year ago and now that the winter is approaching. I was wondering how do you Winterize your Rotax 912 engines? In the past winters, I have had a habit of starting my trike once every two to three...