Should Trike wings be rated just like Paraglider and Powered Paraglider wings?: Revision

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Hi all,

While we discuss the reason behind John Farmer's accident. Many pilot were of the opinion that the cause of the accident was lack of transition training and the fact that just because you are capable of flying one wing doesn't mean you can handle a more advanced wing. So with that in mind I wanted opinion of the Trike pilots.

As you all may know that Paragliding and Powered Paragliding wings have ratings. And despite the fact that as far FAA is concerned sports like Powered Paragliding are under FAR 103 rules, so their is no license required.

However because the wings have ratings, it helps a newcomer and even experienced pilot to make the wing purchase decision. So,

1) How do you as pilots feel about a wing rating system?

2) Is it practical?

3) Do you think it will help Trike pilots?

4)What challenges do you see in implementing such a system?

Some while ago we had a blog discussing if Spiral recovery should be part of Practice Standard Maneuvers and with Pilot vote and opinions we were able to add that to the Practical Standard Maneuvers.

My hope with this blog is to see if we could reach a consensus on this topic and hopefully take a practical measure so no more lives are lost.