Mostly grass strips - I've landed on seal maybe a dozen times ever!

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  • Congratulations to Jeff

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    I was sent the following link recently and had the pleasure of watching Jeff's intelligent, thought-provoking and romantic presntation and in-flight photography. Forgive me if it has been posted before. It's a wonderful reflection on Da Vinci's...
  • I am Yuri

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    I’d tried this game before, sneaking out while most people were snoozing to try a flight above cloud in the blackness of a moonless, mostly overcast night. I’d rolled onto Rangiora’s 25 near midnight, and sat there for a number of...
  • Night Ride Home

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    Picture this: it's 2 a.m., raining, and forty knot winds are trying to rip your trike from its tethers.  You're trying to de-rig the wing in this dark tempest, assisted by a tall, striking blonde woman you met a dozen hours ago, you're both...
  • A lighthearted tale (several tails) of moronic stupidity...

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    There's a little grass strip amongst the tussocks in a nearby valley that I love.  It's on a river terrace above a small gorge surrounded by soft green hills, and although it's only a half hour's flight from home it has a wonderful feeling of...