Mostly grass strips - I've landed on seal maybe a dozen times ever!

Congratulations to Jeff

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I was sent the following link recently and had the pleasure of watching Jeff's intelligent, thought-provoking and romantic presntation and in-flight photography. Forgive me if it has been posted before. It's a wonderful reflection on Da Vinci's thoughts on achieving flight, which Jeff's interview brings to life, and is coupled with scenes of his own flying. I loved the comment "I'd like to take Da Vinci on a flight over my favourite spots".

Jeff is a great ambassador for both our sport and flight in general, and his thoughtful, romantic views are a real pleasure to share.





  • jeff trike

    Thanks Tussock. We are all very lucky to be flying these ultimate flying machines. I look at my trike and marvel at the design, it almost out of science fiction. Only to be surpassed by a true ornithopter. Can't wait to get one of those.