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                   at last!  spencer has managed to lift the nasty 403 forbidden page from my pc, but refuses to allow this 'fugitive' triker to log in to HIS kingdom. MR Forman, would you at least have the moral turpitude to email me to let me know how i've pissed you off so badly that you would take the extreme measures that are apparent, if you don't have whatever it takes to let me know ok, but as well as deleting my 73 articles, as well as ALL comments etc, then please also delete the few remaining videos , etc  that appear, so far  to have escaped your wrath,, we'll both be starting afresh!.  iKNOW that you lurk here, on ALLTRIKES  how else will you  become ENLIGHTENED ,  have a nice day! MONTY STONE   ps, your claim to me that TPS doesn't 'block' anyone needs an ammendment, 'except for..................