2020 Trike Fly-in July 18th - 25th.

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And the site for this years fly-in is Methow Valley located in North Central Washington State!!!  Pronounced Met-How Valley  it will be held on July 18th to 25th!
This is Methow Valley State Airfield (S52) which will be our home for the week.  It’s located between Winthrop WA and Twisp.  
There is just way too much to say about the diversity of this area in terms of the great flying we’ll all have access to.   Here’s a look-see of the area.     First - we’ll be nestled right there in the eastern foothills of the Cascades.   If you take-off to the west, nothing but serious Cascade mountain flying into raw wilderness areas and elevated snow country.  East flying will take you into the glacial moraine and the Ice Age Flood area of Washington State.   We will be setting up a tour of the NorthWing Facility  so if this is the year to upgrade your old and tired wing (or trike), bring your checkbooks.  It’s a 35 mile flight or 1 hour drive to the NorthWing Facility.  You will not want to miss this opportunity!!!
Tent sites and RV parking will be available - and there’s an RV park just 3 miles up the road for overflow and dumping tanks.  There’s potable water available at the airfield.  I’m still working on getting a hangar for the week.  Stay hopeful with me on this.  100LL is available at the field - not sure of 91 ethanol free yet.  Should be many restaurants in either direction.  
I’m sure I missed a whole bunch of people with this announcement so please help me by forwarding this on to all your friends that might be interested in coming.  Let’s spread the word !!!   Questions?  Send me an email.  
Please RVSP to me so I can keep an accurate headcount.  Let me know if you’ll be RVing, tenting, or motel-ing.   


  • Dave G

    Hey Tom, thanks for doing this legwork and investigating the site.
    I can’t tell you how exciting this is for your Canadian friends to be so much closer for us to travel to.
    I love the area, can’t wait. Thanks again Tom.

  • Jozinko

    Not only for Canadians friends Dave. It is great work for whole trike society because its not easy to make deal with airport owners and all permissions with the Fly-in. I wrote him an email, because he has chosen next beautiful place between mountains. Everyone pilot can to find there what he wants: Mountains, waleys, lakes, rivers.... and "the cherry on the cake" - visiting the NorthWing factory. I would like to be there. Maybe I could try all NW toys :)

  • Dave G

    You are absolutely right Jozzy. It would be great to see you again but from what I understand it is quite an expensive proposition for you to come all the way over here. Perhaps sometime in the future you can make it.

  • Jozinko

    Ha! Dancing around the fire, drinking unusual drinks and meet friends (that you only knew from email) face to face is an unforgettable experience for me. It would be better if I could fly my trike there, but I am happy for the opportunity to fly as a passanger and once as the pilot over beautiful places in Idaho, Montana and Washington states. Sure, I will come sometime in the future... :)

  • Darrell

    Thanks Tom. Looks to be a great venue. Should be fun:)

    If anyone attending who is contemplating upgrading their strutted wing to a new Northwing I may be interested in purchasing yours. FYI.

  • Ken

    What wing are you looking for Darrell?