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                   at last!  spencer has managed to lift the nasty 403 forbidden page from my pc, but refuses to allow this 'fugitive' triker to log in to HIS kingdom. MR Forman, would you at least have the moral turpitude to email me to let me know how i've pissed you off so badly that you would take the extreme measures that are apparent, if you don't have whatever it takes to let me know ok, but as well as deleting my 73 articles, as well as ALL comments etc, then please also delete the few remaining videos , etc  that appear, so far  to have escaped your wrath,, we'll both be starting afresh!.  iKNOW that you lurk here, on ALLTRIKES  how else will you  become ENLIGHTENED ,  have a nice day! MONTY STONE   ps, your claim to me that TPS doesn't 'block' anyone needs an ammendment, 'except for..................


  • Jetlag

    I created a new login name with another email address with which I can access tps anywhere EXCEPT my home IP address. BUT ... why the hell should I bother, I have posted on his facebook page and also emailed him direct. Personally I am offended at the treatment I have received from Spencer and his lack of response. I survived before I found TPS ... I will continue to survive in the here and now after TPS. I can access the videos via youtube and vimeo . I wish him no ill, I neither want or need to know why this has come to pass ... misuse of power is a terrible thing and only ever ends badly.

  • Monty

    Well said jetlag , whatever we said or did to initiate '403' MAY not have been mr formans original intent, but his behavior since, deleting us etc is in my view reprehensible and as you say a misuse of power. It IS spencers sandbox and he'll not let you play in it if he doesn't like you. i like alltrike's sand, it's cleaner! ........monty

  • Jetlag

    More important things in my life Monty, in my life things come and go, some stay longer than others. This side of the pond not sure how many would get it, but if I were your side I think I would have a decal made for my trike saying "1 of the 403" just for the hell and maybe give someone a giggle. Just spent 2 hours fartin about with my prop to regulate it then a quick sprint around the airfield twice to verify all is working in winds of 30mph and gusting, rattled the teeth a bit ... thank god for HD fixodent.


  • Monty

    Yeah jetlag, as well as he 403 thing some arsehole got into my PayPal acc and tried to purloin $2500 I've been dealing with that so tps can kiss my arse! Keep the rubber side down monty