Hours: 20
Airports landed

Eagles Nest Wa, Sandpoint Id, stevensville Mt, Joseph Or, Nelson BC

Trike Flown: airborne XT912 Outback

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  • Jozinko

    Great news Darrell!

  • Ken

    Wow - thats awesome! Air Creation gave me a free tank when I had a factory defect, but the shipping $$ was out of this world.

  • Darrell

    Update. Airborne reduced the cost of the tank to 50% and shipped it free to Mike Hudetz at A&M Airsports in Chicago who had a new trike coming in. Thanks to MIke for receiving it and reshipping the tank to Idaho at a reasonable cost. Installing the new tank in April. Fingers crossed that goes well:)

  • Jozinko

    Thumbs up Darrell, I hope they will agree.

  • Darrell

    Thanks Ken
    Since my posting they have offered 50% off the price of a new tank. With shipping I am still looking at about $1150 Au. I have asked for new one at no charge due to factory defect and I will cover he shipping cost. We’ll see what they say. Thanks for your post.

  • Ken

    I had a tank issue with my Tanarg - factory defect, and Air Creation sent me a new one for only the shipping charge. I would look into welding it at that rate!!!

  • Darrell

    Hi I have a 2013 Airborne XT912 Outback. I have recently discovered 2 hairline cracks in the fuel tank located at the threaded insert for the battery cover bolt (30 litre mark) One is about 1 1/2” long going down and the other is 1/4” going up. Fuel leaks out when filled above the crack. Spoke to Airborne and their answer is to replace the tank or have it welded. Replacement cost is $995 US unless they give me a deal. Freight cost unknown but I’m sure not cheap. Has anyone else experienced this, had to replaced a tank or had a tank repaired? Airborne has a safety bulletin out regarding cracks in the XT fuel tank down in the hollow where the mast goes into. Well apparently not only cracking in that location. They have since changed to a different manufacturer to fix issue. Anyone know of anyone in the US or Canada that may be parting out a newer Airborne that has a newer tank? Thanks for your time. Regards Darrell

  • white eagle

    Yeah darrell cant wait to see you buddy. Were going to have a great time

  • Rick D

    Welcome to Alltrikes Darrell!

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