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  • Brain teasers for those that believe down wind turns are "different".

    If you believe that downwind turns are "different" from upwind turns, or if you think that a pilot can "feel" the direction of the wind, or that an aircraft tends to "weathervane" to point into the external, meteorological wind, then you...
  • Motorkite Dreaming (An epic trip)

    5 episodes detailing the fun and tribulations of a group determined to cross 4000 klms of Australian outback by trike. Amazingly captured!This show has some great sphincter pucker...
  • Sun N Fun or Oshkosh or just the Flyins?

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy Comments (2)

    Categories: Trike Talk

    Hi all,   I live in Boise, ID and have never been to Sun N Fun or Oshkosh and was wondering for someone who has prime interest in Sports/Recreational flying which event (Sun N Fun or Oshkosh) is better.   I might visit one of...
  • Firesleeves or No Firesleeves, that is the quesion

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy Comments (2)

    Categories: Trike Talk, Tech

    Hi all,   I was reading up on Rotax 912 engines and realized that same 912s come with Firesleeve and  some without Firesleeve. Which got me thinking why some engines on trikes have Firesleeves and some do NOT? Is this a...
  • Fuel Filter for Trikes

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy Comments (20)

    Categories: Trike Talk

    Today I have a question about fuel filters. Can anyone tell me what kind of a fuel filter do you use for your 912 trikes.   My 912 came with a glass filter and I believe my first Airborne trike (582 Bluehead) also had a similar to...
  • Cell phone and music connectivity onboard?

    Last updated by Dave G Comments (5)
    Has anyone besides Dean Coleman, ever used a system like this onboard their trike to get cell phone and music through their headsets? This particular unit is manufactured for Pilot communications USA and retails for $260 us on their website. I cant...
  • Insurance

    Last updated by Maarten Comments (3)

    Categories: Trike Talk

    As we're closing the year with several unfortunate and tragic events, I have come to realize that it is impossible to anticipate and control every situation. We never stop learning. But it also made me wonder about insurance... Earlier in the year...
  • Replacing Rotax 912 Fuel Pump

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Trike Talk, Equipment

    Hi all, So I was looking at Fuel Pumps for the Rotax 912 80hp and found two different choices on CPS   893-110   And then you have...
  • There's a piper down

    Last updated by Ken Comments (2)

    Categories: Web Site Development / Help

    BARNSTORMERS WEBSITE Announcement On Thursday morning, December 8th 2016, website servers experienced a major systems hardware failure that has caused the website and email services to...
  • prov. 'neither a lender nor a borrower be '

    Last updated by Monty

    Categories: Trike Talk

    well, i was and did. while blessed with an excellent memory, it doesn't last long and i had forgotten that i had lent my trike to a fixed wing pilot, with many hrs aloft, though not with 'floppy winged craft.' the most recent tragedy involving a...