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  • Cell phone and music connectivity onboard?

    Last updated by Dave G Comments (5)
    Has anyone besides Dean Coleman, ever used a system like this onboard their trike to get cell phone and music through their headsets? This particular unit is manufactured for Pilot communications USA and retails for $260 us on their website. I cant...
  • Insurance

    Last updated by Maarten Comments (3)

    Categories: Trike Talk

    As we're closing the year with several unfortunate and tragic events, I have come to realize that it is impossible to anticipate and control every situation. We never stop learning. But it also made me wonder about insurance... Earlier in the year...
  • Replacing Rotax 912 Fuel Pump

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Trike Talk, Equipment

    Hi all, So I was looking at Fuel Pumps for the Rotax 912 80hp and found two different choices on CPS   893-110   And then you have...
  • There's a piper down

    Last updated by Ken Comments (2)

    Categories: Web Site Development / Help

    BARNSTORMERS WEBSITE Announcement On Thursday morning, December 8th 2016, website servers experienced a major systems hardware failure that has caused the website and email services to...
  • prov. 'neither a lender nor a borrower be '

    Last updated by Monty

    Categories: Trike Talk

    well, i was and did. while blessed with an excellent memory, it doesn't last long and i had forgotten that i had lent my trike to a fixed wing pilot, with many hrs aloft, though not with 'floppy winged craft.' the most recent tragedy involving a...
  • 2017 Calendar

    Last updated by Admin Comments (1)
    OK folks, time again to get the photo nominations for the 2017 calendar. If you have a favorite pic from the last year please recommend it in the comments below, or post it on the site. I'll gather them all up and we can get some votes and get this...

    Last updated by Monty Comments (3)

    Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

    i hear that TESLA is considering building a 'self flying' trike for 'transitioning' pilots who are haveing dificulty 'reverse controlling' , push-right go left, push-left go the other left, (or is it the other way?, i'm always getting confused with...
  • Registering your SLSA under a LLC

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy

    Categories: Trike Talk

    Hi all,   I just bought an SLSA trike and my long term goal is to become a CFI to introduce people to this beautiful hobby.   I have a few questions from trike owners and CFIs who have registered their trike under a...
  • Another trike accident

    Last updated by RizzyWizzy Comments (8)

    Categories: Trike Talk, Video

    Sad day for the triking community The ultralight aircraft that crashed in Park Township. (June 30, 2016)       PARK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — One person was airlifted to the hospital after his ultralight aircraft crashed...
  • Check your carb springs carefully !

    Last updated by Monty Comments (9)

    Categories: Equipment, Safety, Maintenance

    So... I'm on my way to go fly this morning and I'm running through some emergency proceedure type things in my thoughts on the way to the airport.  One thing that came to mind is what might happen if a throttle cable or spring breaks.  As...