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Hello :)

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Hello everybody. I’v been missing in action for a while. Just wanted assure everyone, I’m doing alright, been working lots, but things are subsiding, and during this time I’ve been re-furbishing my Trike. Hoping to get back up in the air by the end of May.


  • Gilles

    Nice to see your still alive and well, I too have bin busy working long hours as a truck driver. Hopefully this will end with retirement coming at the end of this year maybe earlier in mid summer, I miss your videos etc. Great to see you on alltrikes, Fly lots and fly safe

  • Ken

    I've been wondering where you were off to Leo! I've been grounded a bit by overworking as well. Hope that one of my oxygen breaks lines up with a break in the weather pretty soon...

  • Jozinko

    Yupíí Leo, wellcome back again! I am grounted because a bad winter is here. Bad i mean that one day was -15°C, next day snowed and next day was +5°C and melted.... And that was repeated again and again... RWY is wet and muddy. I still can fly my Aeros Profi 14 wing, but I've ordered new Aeros StingRay wing.

  • Leo

    Yeah, last year our company tried to land a large contract. The effort was enormous, but ultimately the UAV refueling tanker $805m contract went to Boeing.
    So between designing and building the BMW engine truss, work, and then dismantling my Trike to refurbish/re-paint and year has slipped by. I'll post pics of the work soon. :)