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Trike Fly in/Campout in Las Vegas?

  Kinda thinking it might be fun to fly and camp on the Jean Dry Lake just outside Las Vegas, NV. Maybe springtime like May before it gets too hot? Just kicking the idea around so far, but if people are interested the dry lake is a nice place to camp (RV), or ride dirt bikes, or fly, or ride 4 wheelers, or fly drones,or RC airplanes, or ride bicycles, or practice archery etc. We could possibly deep fry a turkey or two? Swap stories by the campfire at night (or the Vegas strip is only 15 minutes away). Thinking about maybe a bomb drop competition (with flour baloons?) Hoover Dam and Red Rock canyon are a stones throw from here. If you want to see what it looks like, check out my YouTube Channel "Larry Kaiser". I have lots of videos. If things are too busy in the spring, fall is also an option...  Let me know what you think.   Larry