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  • Out of gas: Ultralight trike exhausted fuel before crash

Out of gas: Ultralight trike exhausted fuel before crash

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Categories: Big Fast Trikes — An ultralight trike ran out of fuel as it soared 1,300 feet above the Kona Coast before crashing March 20 at Kukio, federal investigators report.


  • Ken

    So glad they were able to walk away from this one. Fly safe!!

  • Jozinko

    The photo looks very bad. They are so lucky men!

  • ULtrikepilot

    Yes very glad they were able to walk away from this one given what that crash site picture shows. If I'm not mistake that looks like the Air Creation that Jeff Hoff owned and flew from Kona airport. As a CFI Jeff had a trike instruction business there at Kona and I flew with him there back in 2010 in that trike. I was aware that he wanted to sell his trike and close down his business but I never found out who bought his trike. I guess it is possible that this guy Charles also setup an intro flight and instruction business there with this trike he bought from Jeff. I believe Jeff was a member at some point with the original Sky Gypsies group. Any way, I found it quite intimidating flying a trike in Kona area with rough course lava every where and very few potential LZs (an occasional golf course). Not a great place to have an engine out for sure. Although a tragedy, very glad to see there was no fatality or serious injury.

  • Ken

    Ah yes - I recall that business being announced as "for sale soon". I even considered it for a while....